Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012-12-18_15-29-20_904This is my ATC letter E swap over at Tee’s.

E stands for Elf and who is the most famous elf of all… are looking at him! The Santa I used was cut from a vintage Christmas gift box.  It was really old and cracked and pealy in places. Fancy cut him out and Glued him on the ATC. The letter E is a scrabble tile and the elf sticker is a K & Company.

2012-12-18_15-28-53_437 These are a few things that went along for the ride. My partner was Sally at

001Started to do some spring decorating….want to go with the beach theme. Thee vintage glass jars. Sitting on dresser with a vintage doily.

004This one is filled with shells that I found at the beach after hurricane Sandy. I was a few days late in going to the beach and things were pretty picked over. But I did find some neat things. The pinkish speckled things is a shell of some kind of crab.

003A vintage canning jar filled with old lace.

002Next is a vintage candy container filled with tiny doilies made with crochet thread. A lot of these are very old. I hate to use them so here they are so I can look at them


Guess that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon



Tuesday, December 25, 2012


mag c 5


Sunday, December 23, 2012


021This is the Dec. tag that I made for Tee’s swap theme Christmas. Check out the Altered Paper blog. I used a shipping tag in keeping what we have been using all year. Stamped it with a script stamp and ink.the edges. Added some flower and pine cones. K and company Merry Christmas.

022Close up.
008And all the goodies that went along for the ride. I hope everything I sent out this year were ok. I really was not really into doing much of anything this year. Too much sadness for me. I think this new year will be much better. DD is on their way will be here tomorrow sometime….Day after Christmas we will be on our way to Sanibel Island. Guess we will be staying in FT Myers and going to Joe’s Crab Shack and April’s Pie Company after our day of shelling on the beach…I can’t wait I need this outing so much…All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


001This is the Dec. tag swap I received form Tee’s swap. my partner was Chris at the theme was Christmas …and this (above pic) is her tag to me. A sweet little snowman!!
002And these are some goodies she sent along for the ride. Thanks so much Chris I can surely use these in my work.
This is the letter d atc swap that I received from my swap partner Marilyn over at and a whole lot of great things came along for the ride…thanks Marilyn love it….
I am trying to get caught up with all the swaps I have been in….next I will do the had made ornament swap.
I am also having problems putting together the granny square Christmas stocking I am making…lost my pattern years ago…any one have this pattern ..I need the part that tells how to put it together. Particularly the foot part.  Alll for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Friday, December 14, 2012


022Over at The Altered Paper blog hosted by Tee…  we just did a swap for an ATC card theme Night Before Christmas. I chose “Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads” I could not find any books or graphics for this theme so I made up my own. The ATC is made from a piece of packaging that some stickers came on…liked the pink candy look of it. I took candy sticker and snow flakes and put them on the inked card. Printed Sugar Plums on it. Some of the stickers of candy are 3D…
023And this is a pic of some things I send along for the ride. Hope my partner Cissy can put them to good use.
004And this is the ATC card that Cissy sent to me. Red card stock make the base of the ATC, and then she did some layering….with what looks like burlap, then Christmas paper with red satin ribbon…a printed out paper with part of the poem and then these teeny tiny cooking cutter emblies….funny I happen to have some of those emblies…..Almost used them on my ATC… Smile
006And these are some really great things she sent along for the ride. Soooo many goodies cant wait to use them…Thanks so much Cissy!!!
Still have 2 more swaps to send out for this year… they will be in the mail by Monday. I have been doing my crafting in MySweetDream motor home….it sure takes up a lot of space to do this…I wonder when I start traveling how I will manage this…I do not want to stop crafting…This will be a challenge for sure …..I know I will have to make a place for some storage because I want to sell my house in PA. Well that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…I also have a couple more swaps that I received to post on yet…

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sorry so far behind...getting to feel better so hope to post more often. Some crafting finally getting done...this is the inside page of a Christmas mini paper bag album. All full of sweet things, like the pic's that will go in it. :)

This is the front of another one. I like doing thses once I get started...its the starting that is the problem. I can't seem to get going on anything these days.

And this is the extent of my decorating in side the rig. Cute isn't he? I use to find these at yard sales in the early 2000's and sell them on eBay. I made some big buck with them, I think they are from the 40-50's. I very seldom see them these days.

LOL...and this is what I see on the other side of the table while I am crafting away. I have bee doing it in the the dinette table...Maggie sits on the other seat and watches. I think she gets bored waiting around ...even tho she does play with a few toys. Speaking of bored, I have not been able to get into anything this year. It's not been a very good year and I have been in a funky down mood. I had the flu and that put me out for 3 weeks, just not getting over that. I sure hope this mood changes soon...will be better, dd and sil are coming to FL for a few days over that will be good...and at the end of Jan, I am going to a GTG with some other RV women. Really looking forward to that. I have 2 more swaps to send stick with me girls, I will get them out by Monday or earlier. Very sorry for being late. And I will take pic's of what I have received so far and post about them. Going to make some mac and cheese for dinner, so better get on that. Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings Donna

Thursday, November 22, 2012


 Got my Nov. tag a month swap...for Jane at The hose for this swap is Tee over at This is  a sweet tag!
 Look at the teeny, tiny, knife, fork and spoon! Now how cute is that. Thanks Jane I love it.
Here is a pic of some vintage material that I have left over from the store I used to have. Before retirement. I have a bunch of this stuff, I think I might make a page here on my blog and see if I can sell some of it. I don't know if that can be done or not....I would like it to be a running page where I can add to it all the time...anyone out there know if I can made a page to do that...?? Making Thanksgiving diner...Was not going to cook this year..but dads friends gave him a small 10 lbs. turkey.. so did sweets, yesterday, cranberries this am...just finished the dressing and turkey is in ...that's it until we eat then I will make mashed tata's....I always enjoyed watching the Macy's parade ....but really could do with out all the singing and dancing....please just get on with the good kids are in different places...dd has a craft show this weekend in Ocean City they took their TT and spent the week ...getting drift wood and sea shells...she sculpts then and paints old time father Christmas faces on them...son and family is at home in PA as is my sister...that's about it for family,..I really do not like being so far away :( 
I have been working on those mini paper bag albums, got them almost ready to go...and 10 squares done on the stocking. Have a couple swaps need finished up. Got the hand made ornament swap ready to go...just 2 more then I am done with holiday stuff.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


016Family reading this ..stop don’t read… this is Christmas gift time. This was my idea…I usually give WM gift cards to kids and Gkids… I try to be creative in how I give them.Soooo starting this year I will be giving them in the form of a mini paper bag mini album. This year (the first) I will start with the front cover and the first page of the mini album. Then each year I will make a new page for the album containing the gift card. The idea is that each year they will take pic at Christmas and put them in the album. Any way I hope they will do that. The above pic is the start of this project. Working on it during my day trips in MySweetDream (motorhome)

019Here is my Nov. Thanksgiving tag swap. Over at The Altered Paper. Tee’s blog. I went a little on the comic side with this cool cat turkey/pilgrim.

020And here are a few things that I sent along for the ride. Hope my partner can use them. My partner Jane @ Anything But Plain Jane should have received it by now. I will be posting more often (I hope)…my verizon GB don’t seem to last as long as they use to…that’s why long between post. If you would like to see what else we have been up to check out my other blog

Thanks for looking and come back soon.

blessings donna

Sunday, November 4, 2012


001Wow I know it has been some time since I last posted and so sorry for the delay. To many things to do and not enough time to do them all. Been so busy with my new rig havn’t had time for much else. A lot to learn. You can read about my adventure with it on my other blog. In the above photo is one thing I have been working on is a Chirstmas stocking for my DD made with crochet granny squares. She lost the one I made her when she was about 8. These are the colors she wanted, tan sand, light blue, off white and tied together with black.
005 This is a pic of some paper bag mini albums I have been working on, I take stuff with me in the rig every day to work on, while we are on our day trips.017 Here are a couple of swaps I received recently. My swap partner was Janet over at The first is an ATC  card swap hosted by Tee the alpha swap. This one was for the letter C She used cat for her theme (me too) Love it Janet great minds work together as they say! The other one is alterd witch ATC at Tee’s The Altered Paper blog.018And these are a few neat things she sent along for the ride. Will come in handy next fall. Thanks so much Janet.
I know I have misplaced a couple swaps in the mess I  have made here in my craft room. I hope to find and organize everything and get them posted. Sorry if I missed yours.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, October 14, 2012


002Here is tag of the month swap I received from Carol (no blog). Tee over at The Altered Paper hosted the swap. are few things that Carol sent along with her tag. Love getting goodies!!! And also love swapping!005I also got started on my family recipe mini paper bag albums. Here is some of the paper I have been cutting. And in the pic above is  my ATG gun I got last year 40% off at Joanne's. I try not to get anything with out coupons.004I have also decided that I want to start next year and do a couple of craft show. Make some extra money for my camping and travel trips. I am hoping that the paper craft thing will go over good. Like the mini paper bag albums, for starters. Got a few other ideas for selling. Will play it by ear. Still will be swapping!
Waiting for Friday to come along to pic up my rig. I think friend Pearl is going to come along with a pad and pen taking notes to help me remember everything! Dad thought it might be to long a day for him.
Thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessing to all

Thursday, October 11, 2012


001Here is my letter C ATC card for the swap the Tee is holding over at The Altterd Paper. She holds great swaps go and join in. C is for cat, since it is fall, Oct, I decided to keep in with that theme and do a holloween cat. I used some scrap book paper, torn hand made paper and scrabble tiles,and a vintage orange cat that was  for a cake topper. Love those old vintage things. My partner was Janet  of Janet's Art Play. I will post what she sent me soon.
And here are a few things that went along for the ride with this swap. Love swaps!! I will have more swaps to show you as soon as I get them.
Well ….and now for my news!!! I am in the process of fulfilling a life long dream…… traveling in an RV. Sooo by some miracle I was able to get a Class C motor home! I will take delivery  on it Oct 19. I am so excited , I can't stand my self. lol   Please go to my other blog and read all about it. And see pic’s that I have so far. I will not be giving up my fun things like art/craft, and my swaps. Just adding to my life. So go take a look. Thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings donna
PS… Soon as I get 100 followers I will have that mini album give away …so you lurkers out there sign up … everyone of my followers will be in the give away.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


015This is the inside of the coffin swap over at Tee’s . Painted it black and cut paper to fit inside.

001Painted outside top with orange and black, glittered the black. Stamped some cobwebs then glittered them also. Fancy cut some bats from scrapbook paper.003Here it is all filled. Sure was hard finding small things to fill it with. 004And a few things that went along for the ride. I had fun making this swap. Just what I needed. After a long dry spell.005I think my partner Abby should have received it by now. I mailed out my last 3 swaps today Sad smile Tee sure hope you get some more going! I am back in the groove. Got room organized so I can work. I have more to show you but will have to wait a few days till partners get them.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings donna

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I finally got my mini paper bag family recipe album "stuff" organized. First pic stickers & chip board embly's.

This pic is of all the papers, cards and ribbon that I got together so far.

I also got a bunch of vintage enpherma.(sp)

Was even able to come up with a few stamps related to food  or kitchen. My room is still a mess and not very conducive to working in. Sometimes I wonder if I need all the junk I have. Hmmm.... need to work  on that thought. Sure wish I could find a group to craft with.

I have all three swaps done that I am in. But can not show you pic's until my partner's get them. Soooo what do I post about...Anyone know of any fall / halloween swaps that are still open?  Oh I am going on a camping GTG with some internet can read about it here my other blog... Also I still want to do that give away...soon as I get 100 get signing you lurkers out there....
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is one of my projects ....

like I said where do I This is what it started out looking is a little better least I can work at my desk.  I have to keep everything in this room, crafts, tools, fishing stuff, among a few things. It gets really messed up at times.

It has been a sad tough week so far for me. Remembering my brother...his estate auction was yesterday ...I am glad I was not there. 

So at lunch I took some food went here to the beach...then took a walk. Fun watching that little bird dig around for food then run like a sprinter to get away from the waves as they came back in. Was beginning to feel guilty because I left Maggie at the house. So did not stay long.....and it is still hot here.
I did start my Coffin swap over at Tee's this week...this is a sneak peak... Now I will work on the letter C ATC swap, and the Oct. Tag Swap. Sure wish I  had more to say and show you but its a little slow here right now. I still have to get the family recipe paper bag album started. For the last 6 months or so I have been gathering up stuff for this project...and have a ton of stuff. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon