Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Hi is my VTT for tonite...Don't ya just love old vintage jewelry? I do, but I don't ware much jewelry ....I just like it. Use to sell a ton of it in my store....and have a ton of it left....been trying on and off last few yrs to sell it on ebay...this is one lot I had for sale. To let you know how much I have left is two large WMart totes full and very heavy. Also have been taking it to the flea market but very slow sales and I have it marked cheap cheap. Like $ 1 a piece. A lot of it is marked but some is not. I would buy a whole box load at an auction and couldn't wait to get home to pour over it...was like Christmas lol. Well guess thats all for now don't forget to vist VTT host
blessings to all

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is what I did on Sat. so I could take them to the flea market on Sun. They are some ceramic shoes that were left over from my store days.. I use to fill them then with hens & chicks and sell them ...moslty in the summer. A few yrs ago a neighbor of mine put two large strawberry pots full of hens & chicks for the garabge. I stopped and ask if I could have them she said take them.
So I did! And let me tell you I have made more than a few $$$ with them. I have only 6 left so if I let them go this summer I shoud at least double them by next yr. So I guess you could sort of call these Trash To Treasure. I even sold the plastic pots at a yard sale last year! Thats all for today.
blessings to all

Wednesday, June 10, 2009





Crates, crates, and more crates, these are left overs from my store. One day after I first opened my store, an old lady comes in walkes around and then comes up to the desk and ask me if I would be intrested in some old crates from the 30's and 40's. I said sure would, then she told me about how her and husband had a grocery store during that time and in the basement were a bunch of old wood crates. So I made time to go visit her next day and she took me to the old building where the store was. It is in another town about 2o mile from my store. The building is down town and empty now but in good shape. Well I ended up getting about 20 old crates some very big ones most were like these. There is an old Cap e Cod Cranberries crate , really neat on the one end is a map showing where it came from on the Cape. And we all know Yoo Hoo...then there is another pop crate from a local beverage co. called Nehi Beverage. Well know for its orange pop. Here in NW PA we call soda... pop. The other 3 are fruit crates from all over the country. I kept these to use as display in my craft show booth...but I think I will be selling them soon. Well thats it for this weeks VTT for me dont for get to visit our host
blessings to all

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Trash to Treasure. Old tool tote.

Old gas cans.

Here are few t2t things I did this week. I forgot to take before pic's sorry! I will sell these at the store where I rent space. I usually sell a lot of Americana stuff there. Right now I am working on a small step ladder painting it RW&B also...and of course I forgot to take before pic! The cans were without gas for yrs but I always clean them out with alcohol anyway. I am still working on getting rid of my stuff and still thinking about starting an other blog on RV'ing from start to getting on the road. Its a hard job doing it all by yourself. Some days I think about just chucking it all out for the garbage man to haul away. Well that's all for today
blessings to all

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


RED KITCHEN BREAD BOX AND CANISTERS RED KITCHEN CANISTERSHi everyone....its VTT time again so I thought I would post somemore red kitchen
some day I will run out of stuff. I got the metal bread box a few yrs ago and had it and two others for sale in my store..this is the only one I had left when I retired in my kitchen it went. The two canisters I got a few weeks ago at a flea I am trying to get rid of everything ...wasn't sure on buying them...but buy them I did....These things I might keep. Well enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to visit our host she has such neat stuff.
blessings to all