Monday, March 30, 2009

60's kitchen

1963 pyrex

Don't have any thrift finds today..or anything I I am cleaning house up for company next weekend my dd and family are coming for a visit...they live in VA. So thought I would post pic of some of my fav kitchen items...the pyrex bowls were a wedding gift in 1963 all in great shape I did break the red one and found one few yrs ago at flea in VA for only $5 ...the colored plastic spoons are vintage advertizing from robinhoood flour co. I love the vintage retro things must be my age lol....when I had my store sold most of what I would I am thinking about redoing my kitchen red vintage retro....

Blessings to all
thanks for the visit

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Sat Finds

Went to a local auction hous that was hosting a small fleamarket today. Was very small but I found a few good things....vintage cards valentine, congratulations,best wishes with pretty shabby flowers, letters post marked 1920, vintage metal cookie cutters the witch one I will give to my dd to paint...she does a beautiful job and 3 very old childerns books with great graphic for ephemera and alterd art that I am learning. The old gas can I will paint up with an americana look and sell they sell reall well for me. One of the crafters on the pccrafter message board told me how to fix the area to comment in so it is working ok now. Guess thats all for now..funny thing here I'm not sure what to talk about on my blog....blogging work in progress.
Till next time Blessings to all

Till next time Blessing to all.


Friday, March 27, 2009

2 posts tonite.

I am trying to figure out how to make my "comments" show on each post. I think it maybe a blogspot problem. So for this second post thought I would show you some of my DIL's yard work

she had the kids each do a hand pring on flat rock then painted it and you can also see the 3 lady bug rocks she painted. So cute.
Blessings to all

Thrift shop finds on Friday

need a purse?

Went to a local thrift shop this morning. No yard sales yet.
This is the loot got today. 2 Pkg of vintage wrapping paper,
Vintage baby shoes, vintage measuring spoons and some vintage patterns. Not too bad for $2.50. They also had purses on sale 50%off. Nice day so I started to painted the side entrance to my home it goes to the kitchen and basement. Will show before and after pic when I’m done. I must be getting old cause it wore me out (maybe its just been a long winter).
Till next time Blessings to all. Donna

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs of spring

Some signs of spring around outside...pretty posy's and bunnie's these beds with have roses and mulch in them soon. I will show a pic of that later. I am having problem with blogger... as I can not get the "comments or the tag" to show up....they want to keep hidden...if you place cursor at the end of my post they will show up ...only with cursor...I have tried everything anyone with idea please post.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Altered tin box.

I got these mini tins they look like mini lunch boxes at WM. They were in the discount section had candy in them left over from VD. Here is a couple pic you can see the before and after so you know what they looked like. I made it for Easter photos named it Egg Hunt. I made them so you could journal on the back of tags photos on front.

Today was a great weather day in northwest pa. 64 and mostly sunny rain tomorrow maybe some snow. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh well! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets soon so I started cleaning the kitchen today. I will have bfore and after pic's when the time comes.

Having problem finding a chew stix for maggie...seems WM will no longer carry the one's she has been chewing from puppyhoood.

Waiting for fleamarkets to open!!!

later gater


Sunday, March 15, 2009

No finds on Sat.

Went to the moving sale on sat and was the first dud of the yr.

Maggie and I went for "several walks" she loves outside and

walking. Seen Mr. squril that teases her evry chance he gets.

She runs after him up a tree he goes and Maggie trying to climb

tree right behind him....its a hoot..then when she can't get up the tree

she grrrrrrrrrrrrrrs at it and tries to bite the bark off!! She does this


Nice here started yard work. Pulled the leaf and mess of they

spring bed and croc's are coming up. Also pruned some roses.

Here is a pic of my DD's roses by her kitchen window taken 2 yrs ago

Don't have any on this puter of mine.

Later Gater


Friday, March 13, 2009

Tomatoes (someday)

Planted seeds 10 days ago now I got stems lol. They don't look like much now but just wait a few

months. My brother and I have been planting a garden the last few yrs. So this yr I wanted to

start a few heirloom plants. Brandywine is one and the other Shriver is a local heirloom. I paid

$5 for one Shriver plant and got 2 tomatoes but it was a little plant and it got planted late.

Sunshine all day but still cold. Can't wait to get out and start digging around. Need to prune my

roses also.

Went to a moving sale this am.....found out it is tomorrow...but wasn't total loss as went by my

handy dandy car guy and he fixed noise coming from under my truck. A heat sheild bolt came

off...(what ever that is) $9.00 to fix. NICE!

So off to the moving sale in the moring. It's been a long winter! with no sales to go to.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can't wait!!

This is what I am waiting for!! These are hollyhock by my side door they are heirloom HH's they have been with the house for 100 yrs. For yrs I keep the cut down did not have time to
fool with them. Last yr let them go and this is what I got. 6 different colors. Another day inside
for us sun is shinning but snow at same time . ugh. Going to start cleaning basement so I can start working for my fall shows. I am thinking this might be my last yr for shows age is catching up with me. Maggie is so cute laying in the sun shine.
see ya later

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi again this post I am going to try a pic again of some tags I made last week. Sent one to my
dd for her big 45 BD. Maggie and I spent the day inside as it is still raining here in NW PA but glad it's not snow. Weekend looks like some sunshine think I will go out and check the spring fowers. I love to work in the yard and fower beds. Well all for now.

Have a great day! Donna & Maggie

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here is a pic of my baby Maggie the Papillon Princes..she is my first dog and I can’t believe how smart she is!
I am still trying to figure out this blog business and it is slow going for this old lady lol. I am just getting into paper crafting and digital crafts likeing it alot. If I get this pic posted then I will post the first paper project. So here goes.