Friday, May 17, 2013


I did get busy and make a few…
Did work on a few earrings this past month…not really doing much art/crafting…getting ready to head north…in fact I am now in VA visiting with my DD and family…
These earrings are mostly made with glass beads and vintage jewelry pieces…
This is something I can haul around and do on the road in my rig…
Love the black and white hearts…glass beads…found at Holly Lobby…
I am all most in PA….have been traveling at a slow pace took me 6 days to get from central Florida to northern VA….staying here at my DD’s …been here a week and will leave on Mon. to finish my trip…take a look and see our travels on my other blog
all for now…thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings donna

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


At the park over the weekend…
I met this lady who had set up behind my RV, while I was at the sunrise Easter service held in my home park. Her name is Trisha and she is a local artist…she is working on a under painting taken from a photo of the eau Gallie river in the late 1900’s. She told me a lot of intresting history of the area, and made me even more want to get a kayak to explore up this river.  
Some things I have been working on…
I started working on a few of some tags I already had made up…I wanted to put some beady charms on them so they could be used as book marks.
Here is a close up of one so you can see a little better…I still want to do a craft show sometime this year…so I guess this is a good way to start when your muse is on vacation. Right click to see better.
And last but not least…
This is the flaming flamingo RV girl I have been working on…I got some chip board sticky letters from a craft store and after the first rain they started coming apart. So I painted them on with puff paint and put black /green glitter on them..I put welcome on the other side in case I wanted to use it some where not camping with the Women RV girls. She will live here in this spot in my RV unless I am camping…then she will be on a flag pole outside.
Not doing much…
That’s about my life right now…not doing much..after the fun and adventure of Jan and part of Feb….the let down now is hard to take. I am getting antsy about heading north for the summer….I am ready now …but I don’t think the weather is ready for me yet…so that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings donna

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


First up a craft show.
Me & Maggie went to the Strawberry Festival here in Melbourne FL. this weekend. We got there at about 9:30 and the parking lot was filling up fast. Parked at the end of a row in the back and got parked in anyway by someone that parked on the end were there was not parking Grrrrrr…I parked that way so I could get out…oh well….
027This pic was taken about 1/2 hr after show opened…this is one of 3 walk ways…all were jammed packed. And it was like that all day ….both days…not sure they were buying much.
Butterfly feeders….
So…seen these things…not sure about them…I think they should be for water not a sugar feed….they would be loaded with ants! They are a sea spounge , on a pottery plate  on a pole. I did see someone walking out with one…he had a bunch of other bird feeders on these plates and poles.


So whats up with all the owls?? I see them everywhere. Good for the owl collectors..I took some pics of these sweet little owls..well not so little….
So whats up with all the owls?? I see them everywhere. Good for the owl collectors..I took some pics of these sweet little owls..well not so little….
2013-03-14_15-56-26_623Here is a few wise guys lo….so cute…..
2013-03-14_15-35-27_885And what do we have here? A shabby chic owl! Seeing all the owls make me want to make a few.!! Maybe an owl banner to hang in my rig for a little whimsy. I have not made a thing or worked at all since the cigar boxes…I sit and look at the net or mags…thinking I want to make this or that and never get it done….wish I knew what happened to my muse…where oh where are youuuuu?? I have been looking at some sewing art…not sure what you call it….but thinking that might be easier to carry around than all this altered art stuff…Well maybe next post I will have something good to show you…that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Sunday, March 3, 2013


COOL SEWING THINGS Did not know what to post today. No new pic’s to show you. So went thru a few olddies and found these. To cold yet to go out and work on anything. Only 34 this morning!

005Gathered up these the other day. I want to use them in some art project. Just now sure what.

004I found these pic frames at a yard sale couple years ago. They just lived out in my room for a year or so…than last year…when in a funk…I was getting rid of all art/craft stuff. So I gave them away. Now funk gone and I want to get back to work and they are gone …boo hoo…oh well….I even went so far at one point in time to paint them black.

FLRSThis was taken a couple years ago at my house in PA. Some Knock Out Roses mixed in with some pink climbers. They are on the side of my front porch. Little Maggie is in there somewhere….


008Some very pretty hand made flowers. I made some of them and got a few in swaps. Loved doing swaps…hope to get back to them sometime soon. Pretty colors too.


100_1256And how about this pretty cool girl? My Maggie girl…you have to click on the pic to see how pretty she is!!!


Not much that’s for sure. Did a few things yesterday you can check my other blog to see what.
I am trying to spice up the look of my blogs with out changing the format. I really don’t want one of the new ones with all the bells and whistles.Jus slows things down I think. Both my kids have BD’s this month I am making my DD’s card and  need to send it out tomorrow…not sure DS would want a handmade sissy card lol. Got a ton of ideas for some new stuff to make and sell…wish I could find some of the smaller printer drawers. I know that when I get to PA this summer I am going to hit the yard sales and flea markets hard looking for stuff for all my new ideas. So I don’t have much to show you want I am working on but will soon.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Friday, March 1, 2013


004Working on this fairy project now…old cigar box…I have a few of these hanging around…I sprayed it black…you can paint it any color you want….right click on the pic’s to get a better look.
024I used an old children's fairy book pages for the back ground and the edges….I can not remember what it on this pic to see those sweet little bunnie fairys...
025On the edges I cut the paper and put some puffy paint between. Either I am out of practice or I am getting old…was a little shaky trying to get a straight line. Used decopodge to do all the papers.
005Here is some of the fairy related items I have gathered up to do this project. I need more!! I am going to make some faires using pic of vintage people women and kids mostly and put some butterfly wings on them… from an old butterfly book…to make more fairies. After looking around I got so many ideas to make these boxes using trays, printer trays, cigar boxes…looking for other ideas on things I could use instead of the trays and boxes…they are getting hard to find.
Here is amost finished sewing box. There is a lot more you could put in here…when selling these I have to come up with some way to tell people what they can do with them….Haven’t worked on much this week…had one of the RVWomen gals come to visit. She stayed at Wickham Park campground and I went over during the day and we had fun doing a few things and doing a lot of yaking. Her dog is a small dog with the name “Maggie” lol…that was fun…Been think about my trip north this year…besides working on the house and doc appointments…there are a few other things I want to do…hope I can get it all done…
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


004Started out with a plain try type wood box thing. I know good description. I say tray cause it has two metal handles on each end.
005Decopodged some sheet music and mesh ribbon on the bottom. then did some ink shading and some stamping. Made this a wall hanging to sell with a friend as the theme.
007 A paper clock with some decorations around it.Inked that also. The hands and the # 7 is from a clock repair kit that my dad got to use the mechanism and didn’t need the rest .
010It is finished enough to use as wall hanging right now ….but you know how it is…you can always find more goodies to fill it up. And the friend that would get this can add personal touches to it. Things that have to do with their friend and their time together…like tickets from a show etc. These are the kind of things I want to start to sell on Etsy and a craft show or two. I have a bunch of ideas whirling around in my head.  Now to make room in art/craft room to work. Also want still go to beach and park with RV and work in it.
Was a very cold weekend for camping…leaving today and it is finally going to warm up. You can check my other blog to see how that went .
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


008My frog garden…I made it with a bunch of succulent starts that neighbor gave me …I have been adding a few things to it…along with some frogs…everything is green I like looking at it.. :)
002Here is some pic’s of my messy, messy, art/craft room. UGLY! I have done nothing it this room since last May. After the horrific summer in PA…It just wasn’t in my heart to do anything.
001Work desk pilled high with stuff…what a mess…sometimes I would just bring things in here and plop them down…
Maggie taking a nap while I am trying t organize…been working on it for a few days and getting not much done it seems like. I want to put some things in my rig so I can craft on the road.
We have been busy Maggie & me….went on a shake now cruse to a local park learned the ropes with an internet friend that full times in her RV. Then my sister came to visit and we went to a GTG (get together) at Hillsborough State Park for a week. We had a blast. sure made us feel better. Made me happy! If you want to see what has been happening…check out my other site.
While I was cleaning up the room…it put me in mood to make something….so I started today…and will post about it next time….
Thanks for looking and come back soon..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


2012-12-29_08-45-35_227Well now that I have no swaps to do….not sure what I will be posting….Here is what I replaced my Hot Chocolate Bar (that I set up at Christmas) with. Some of the vintage that I have been collecting. An old fashion nut grinder, my mom had one just like this but some other family member has it. This is one that I got from a friends yard sale. 50 cents! The receipt card is the very first thing I painted back in the early 80’s very primitive. My sister and I spent a day together painting these. A vintage shredded wheat tin, along with a vintage shredded wheat tin receipt card box. and the Better Homes cook book from the 60’s. Love all this red vintage.
005And here is an updated pic of Norma E. My vintage mannequin named in memory of my mother Norma Elizabeth. She is sporting lot of new stick pins and charms. Some received in swaps and some I made. The gold name NORMA was my mom’s I still have to find an E for her. Some how I have to fit this into my RV.
2013-01-06_13-40-35_555Here are a few Valentine altered art that I packaged up…not sure what I will do with it…maybe a give away. I need to find a new swap blog…I miss doing the swaps.
2013-01-11_18-06-43_179Thought I would thro in a pic of my RV at our shake down camp this past weekend. We went to Wickham Park here in Melbourne and had a blast….and learned much. If you want to check it out go to my other blog and see the posts there.
Well that’s all for now thanks for looking come back soon Blessings Donna

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012-12-29_09-40-24_87Hope you all will have a great year…I am planning on it…It will be a better year! This is a Christmas gift my dd gave to me. A beach Merry Christmas wreath. The Santa face she painted on a shell and then glued it and other shells and driftwood on a wreath from. These and other things she now sculpts the cheeks and nose on the item and then she paints the face. This one is not sculpted. I am going to make a beach welcome wreath for MySweetDream soon. Shells and driftwood.
2012-12-31_13-25-05_495And this is the E atc card swap I received from my partner Sally at It seems like we both had the same idea with the letter E = Elf. I used the main man elf Santa himself and she used this cute little helper elf. I love it Sally thanks so much.
2012-12-31_13-24-53_141And here are a few things that she sent along for the ride. Neat things to use in my projects.
Have a great New Year day and stay safe. thanks for looking and come back soon