Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is the bottle I altered for Jen at she got it the other day so now I can post it. I like altering these vintage bottles. If you look at my header, you can see a couple on there. Sorry Jen I think I got the color wrong, I thought I checked your blog for color but I look at so many, think I got it mixed up with someone else. I will pay better attention.I have been surfing YouTube watching videos on my Droid, and found a few on how to make paper flowers. This is one I tried last night. They are made with cupcake papers! These are made with the small cupcake papers not the mini's but small. I had a great time making them, and plan on making more to use in my altered are and swaps. Just Google paper flowers and see what comes up. Another thing I was looking at was matchbook swaps. Man do I need to make a lot better boxes. They have some beautiful boxes out there. I really like the double decker boxes . Would like to do one of those swaps! They are having a challenge at our (go join up will be having some fun time there) but I will not be able to do this one. I am moving and don't have the time right now. I do have a few Mystery envelopes made up so will continue to do those. And have a few Halloween tags and ATC's made up. If any of those swaps pop up. I am doing another matchbox swap. This one is over at The Speckled Egg.The Petite Inspiration box swap - Curiosities Edition. Check it out I have it done and waiting on my swap partners. This also will be send to Fl. So wont see them until end of Sept. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

Sunday, August 28, 2011


YOU GOT MAIL! Was the call on Friday. This is what I got from Jen over at my swap partner. I was able to cut out a few of the stamped bird nest and feathers on the envelope to use. Love the face stamLove these butterfly's and the letter. They are embossed with sparkly. I used most of what is in this pic. Here is a pile of embellishments. Had a hard time using some of this color, like the blue tickets.Here is what I made. Using one of the sheets of paper she sent, I used it for the back ground and made a butterfly page.
Had a hard time using the orange, brown, etc color on the butterfly page so I made a tag using the brown one she sent. Used the fashion yarn and fall leaf and orange hand made paper. Stamped with my crow stamp and added my rhinestones. Used the wood chip R putting some lavender water color pencil, then glue and dipped in my new found mica flakes. Thanks Jen, this was a challenge for me!
This was a fun challenge for me, took me a couple days. But that's what the Mystery is all about.
Thanks Tee for doing these swaps, you got me addicted!
I have signed up for another match box swap i will tell you about next post. The swaps from now on will be send to my Fl address and i wont be able to see then till around maybe the 28th of Sept. My ATC swap with Tee is in the envelope and ready to send soon as I get my partner. I will be sending my swaps ok from here but will be cutting of my mail soon, and don't want to take the chance not getting mine! I am ready to get back to Fl This has not been a great summer for me, and last weekend found out I need a new furnace. Not going to happen this year. So this means the gas will be turned off and I will have to winterize the house. Not happy camper here.
Talked to dad and his friend put my a/c in the Florida room for that makes me happy camper! I will be making my art room in there and cant wait to get started. There will be obstacles to over come, like that's where dad stores the hurricane shutters and a few other things. i would like to get another storage building or clean out the one we have. But not sure that either will happen. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings Donna

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Jack -0- Lanterns...cute ATC I made yesterday. So bring on the swaps...I am ready... got a few done yesterday, this one a couple jack's , crackle stamp, jack's cut from an old painting book. Ribbon, punched flowers, button, and bling. Here is a couple ATC's made mostly with the magazine, that i got the other day, cut the graphics out and punched flowers, added ribbon, lace, and some bling. Cut the ace spade from a playing card. Stamped the letter B and some bats. A little pumpkin pin that I painted peaking out behind them. Well I am ready for a few ATC swaps, got some done yesterday. Will be working on my bottle swap now. All for now . Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Blessings Donna

Monday, August 22, 2011


Couple of Halloween tags I made this week. Not so happy with them, I don't have a lot of supplies with me, and just using what i can scrap up. Most of this came from a Halloween magazine that I got the other day. Read it then cut it up. LOL Close up: Crackled the tags with orange and black ink using my trusty crackle stamp. Love that thing. Could pass for cobwebs on these tags. Punched out some mini flowers using orange page in the mag. Put on some rhinestones. Stamped with a bat and crow stamp. Just got those too. Owls cut from mag along with the orange and black tree with the owls, they are from mag too. Put a ribbon that I got in a package at a yard sale, see I do use yard sale stuff lol. Some very cool vintage cake candle holders. Picked up this bag of stuff, kept looking at it , almost put it back down, then said heck with it was only $1 so got it. It was filled with these great rose candle holders. I remember them from some of the birthday cakes my Grandmother made for me. There was also a few boxes of candles, look where these were bought, Murphy's! Not much around from Murphy's these days. If I ever get my esty store going would like to sell things like this in it.
I started to pack up my altered art supplies today, I sure have more to take back than what I came with. I was wanting to do the camping thing on the way back to Florida, but not sure that will happen. I think there will be a truck full. I am signed up for 3 more swaps, think I can handle that, I hate not being able to swap!! I have a few mystery swaps made up so I will be able to do them. The only problem will be making up what I receive, because it will have to wait until i get back to Fl. So I will just have to put some swapping on hold till I get settled. Hope I don't miss to much :(
I have to figure out how to manage my posting, so that I don't use up my MBites from Verizon before my month is up. Maybe if I use live writer it will help or up load my pic's from my Droid phone, that will save I think. But my pic's will not be so good. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


FOOD SWAP.... Mmmmmm! Amy from my swap partner sent me this ! A hand painted cupcake in a sweet pink sewn envelope. She did a great job. This swap was hosted by Wendy at

Got these mica flakes at a yard sale last week. A full unopened vintage 1950's maybe 40's box was old for only 10 cents. I was totally excited to say the least. They go high on ebay. This same sale had a lot of vintage ornaments, I passed on, now I wish that I had picked them up. I will be posting some more yard sale finds on my other blog check it out. Some neat vintage bottles I plan on using in a bottle swap.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings donna

Saturday, August 13, 2011


ATC food swap pear. This is what I made for Amy at for my ATC card swap and the tag I sent with it. I made the ATC using a shipping tag. Stamped it with the crackle stamp , used a advertising pear graphic, some vintage lace, P scrabble tile, and bling. Wrapped string around it. The tag is from a tag booklet that my DIl got me for my BD at Jo-Ann's. I added a few things to it. With a note to her. I will find the pic I took of the one she sent me and post it next.
Well I am back on line. My new G-Bites start to day. I have been trying to figure out what has caused me to use up my 5,000 before my time is up. I think it is because I have been uploading so many more pic's than I use to. That was before my swapping days lol. Maybe I will try sending some with my Droid phone and see if that helps. I have unlimited on my phone. What do you all do? I had a yard sale today along with the rest of the peeps on the east side of town. Did pretty good. Now I have to get caught up and show what I have been working on and what I have received in the mail.
All for now Blessings Donna

Friday, August 5, 2011


Chipboard bird.
Sorry I dont seem to be able to turn these guys around

This is what I made with the swap stuff Tee sent me. Got these chip board birds in another swap so took a different trun with this swap, not tags this time, Had fun doing it used at least 75% not all. This is short cause I an still a week away from new Gbites. Blessings Donna

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I uploaded these pic's from my Droid. I could not figure out how to add text , it would not let me, so I am at the puter to finish. I am running out of GBites for the month. So this will be short. This is what I got in the mail today from Tee my # 4 Mystery Swap partner. Click on the pic to see it better, I will post soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This is the swap ATC I did. Sent her my Mz. Scarlett. Card is neat an origami kimono , I never could do origami. Click on photo for detail.So this is what a bot put things together to make something else. I must try this. Cute little girl....
This will be short, as I am running out of GB with my Verizon... and I have 10 more days to go for it to kick back in.

Monday, August 1, 2011



Orange is the color this week for the color of summer challenge over at hosted by Kristin, go check it out! I joined this a little late, but have been catching up. I have a few more to post yet. Made a tag again, going to make a tag book when done, inked the edges, and stamped with the crackle stamp using my orange water color crayon. I didn't have orange ink so I put some water on a paint brush and wiped it on crayon and the brushed the stamp, takes a little time but works good. Just make sure it is not to wet. The butterfly was cut from a note pad, a punched flower with rhinestone. A lot of the time I might not have the color I need for a flower or some other punch out, so I go to a magazine and look for the color I need. I always find it.

The orange rick rack, some of the many I have collected at yard sale, came in handy for this tag. I added some vintage sheet music , orange flowers with rhinestones. Vintage button with rhinestone again. Some gold twisty ribbon on the bottom of tag. Some detail and done. This tag was made on a ATC size card then attached to the shipping tag. Because I forgot what I was doing lol.

Some time ago I joined a Yahoo group but could never get anyone to respond to my post. Then one day a few weeks ago a lady posted wanting to do one on one swaps. Soooo I contacted her and we had our first trade an ATC card. I sent her my Mz. Scarlett card and a note tag along with it. Then I find out she is from Florida ...great... I am looking for some like minded peeps in Florida! I will show what she sent me next post.

Weather in Greenville PA.... still warm but not in the 90's... maybe get something done this week. Hmmm will see.... Set up at the flea market did not go good at all... don't think I will go back this year. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon. Blessings Donna