Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here is my June tag of the month over at Tee's.I chose the summer theme for my tag. Crackled the back ground blue for the ocean, fancy cut a palm tree from scrapbook paper, along with a sea turtle found in a magazine advertisement. The added some shells from Melbourne Beach. Sent to Tina.

This is a tag received from Fran at very nice tag for the May tag swap at Tee's Right now I am using it as a book mark one of my daily devotionals because I like looking at it. :) Thanks Fran.

This is a ATC swap from Tina at beautiful ATC Tina thanks.
And a close up of my June tag again. I uploaded them together but this is how they turn up on the blog page. It's blogger what else can I say! I will not be posting much for a few weeks on this blog. Because I won't be making much do to to traveling. I will be posting on my other blog so go check that out. It will tell you all about our travel.

Yesterday I went in and to my blog settings and change the word verifying thingy. I hope it is shut off now. Could someone leave me a message and tell me if it is shut off? Thanks. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here is my dress form swap that I sent to Tina m my partner at

 This is a bunch of things that went along for the ride.Tee at was the host for this swap.
Sweetie pie.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Hot and muggy, cloudy today with that Beryl hanging around. We might get some rain and storms, time will tell. I am being bored waiting around for my trip north. Some things with dad, are keeping me here a few extra days I have everything packed and ready to go. So no crafting going on here.
Went to the park the last couple days people watching. Lot of family fun with picnic's and boating. Makes me home sick. You can check my other post for what all is going on with me and Maggie.
Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I went to some yard sales on Sat. then looking for some geocaches, and ran into this show in Cocoa Beach. Put Maggie in her new buggy and away we went.

Seen these great fish and turtles and other sea life made from drift wood.
This lady was into some altered art and painted these girls on just about anything. These girls are all over the Internet, everyone paints them. Not sure who the artist was that started them. She told me she does very well at shows with then and was able to do this full time and quit her real job.
The shows in Florida are different than the ones I am use to in the north. They have of course the many jewelry booths, but most of the booths have alot to do with the sea and Florida. I think I only saw one floral booth and a couple country type booths. I think my daughter would do very well here with her shells painted with old time santa face. And the drift wood painted as well.
The weather in Florida is starting to get hot. I am ready to head north. But trip is being delayed a few days because of life happenings. You know the drill. Have to take care of things going on in life.
We were gone all day on Sat. If you want to see what else we did check out my other blog we had alot of fun go check it out. Well that's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

Monday, May 14, 2012


GETTING READY I have been moving things in to the house from the Florida room. Moved Norma E in the other day. If you notice she has a lot more stick pins.
FIRST KEY Got my first key in from the key swap. Love it! She altered it wit bling and butterfly. The back ground that it is lying on is a card sent along with it.

SKELETON KEY is totally different and I also love it!

Pretty package it came in.
BLOGGER I can not figure out where my text is going to end up with this new blogger. I don't know why I can not post before or after every pic. I hope it will turn out when I am done I think I will try the Live Writer for my next post and see if that will be better.

WEATHER It is definitely getting on to summer here in Florida. Woke up this morning to a cloudy, gray, muggy day. So still and muggy it was a little hard to breath. We are suppose to get rain the next 4 days.

THIS AND THAT I will be leaving in 3 weeks. Wanted to camp on the way up but not sure how that will work out this time. Maggie is getting use to her "buggy" she looks so cute in it. Well all for now I will post this and see how it turns out. Thanks for looking and come back soon
 Blessings Donna

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Here are a couple of keys that I altered for a swap at Tee's. She has some great swaps there go check them out. By the way I do not like this new blogger.

What I did with the keys , they were silver in color. I took alcohol ink and inked them up. Let it dry then covered then with the crackle Glossy Accents.

I love the way they turned out. My pic do not show how they really look. I need a better camera. Some day. Not much going on here just getting organized for my trip. Have to bring alot of my craft stuff  in the house to my bedroom. The florida room gets to hot and humid in the summer. I dont want any thing to get ruined . Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, May 6, 2012


 Got my April tag from Denise at I am late posting. Thanks so much for the cute bunny Denise. love it!!
 I got a RAK in the mail from my cyber friend Tee. She got a new printer, she knows I don't have one yet and she printed off a few pages of great crafting images . Thanks so much Tee!!
 Close up of some pages. I love all these! Cant wait to use them , I will be taking them north with me.
Here is a sneak peak of something beachy I have been working on. I will have it done before I leave.

And last but not least :) Maggie got a new dogie mobile. Is she not the cutest thing! I got this dog stroller at the flea market yesterday. I have been looking in the pet stores, and all they have are ugly black strollers. Besides being ugly, black will bake a little dog in the hot Florida sun. What do these people think anyway?? They have a nice little pet shop at the flea market and I had seen these there last year. So went to check them out and got this one. It comes apart, and is a carrier, and a car seat. Cant beat that. And was a few buck cheaper than the ugly black ones. She seams to like it ok, I wheeled her around the house then in the drive way today and she did ok. She hates to have her pic taken, when I was trying to take this, she turned her head away, I told her I see a kitty and she jerked around and I snapped it lol. This will come in handy when traveling, she can now go everywhere with me and we can be tourist & see things. Was limited before, cause could not leave her in hot truck. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


 I did not have a pic of a queen so I made one up. I used a pic of some that I received in a swap, and made her a gypsy queen. I don't know if she is a gypsy or not but she looks like one to me.
I cut her crown from a piece of scrapbook paper. And added some rhinestones for the jewels. Some red fake rhinestones, a metal sun charm and that's the look I got," gypsy like" I was happy with it hope my partner liked it. Sent my altered key swaps out this moring. I love what I did to the keys and how they turned out. Will post about them soon. I got the May tag swap ready to send and working on June also. I will be traveling, at my daughters, and wedding in June so want to get it ready to send. Four more weeks and I will be on the road headed north. Will be glad to see all my up north family :) I have a lot to do  when I get home for the summer. I am taking supplies with me so will be able to still keep up with some swapping. I would like to do some scrap dates with some family this summer. The girls that is, not sure the boys would be interested. I am thinking on the lines of mini albums ?? My next big project is going to be a paper bag mini recipe album. Take fav family recipes and a few pics, do some journaling about that member, along with some fun cooking embellishments. I told my daughter about it, her response was I want one. lol I think I will be making more than one. If you all have any ideas for this type of album, please leave comment. I love all kind of ideas. Well that's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon