Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday Jewels

Vintage green leaf necklace

Hi everyone got some more of my jeweles to show you, I still have a tote full of vintage jewelry left over from my store days. I think I am going to be takeing some to FLA with me this winter and set up at fleamarket there. Make a little extra $$. Still busy working on the house. We willhave another nice day tomorrow. Dont for get to visit our host!

blessings to all


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Son painting trim
Windows primed with white.9 AM: Well still can't figure out if I should use this blog for my getting ready to RV on down the road or start a new one. So I think I will just ramble on this one till I figure it out. Was a great day in NW PA after 3 weeks of cold and rain so son and I were able to get back working on the outside of the house. We hope to get all the windows done to day green trim. I will post later on today let you know how much we actually got done. Maggie and I usually go for a long walk first thing in the moring well since it has turn chilly we wait till later on in the day. I really need to do more excersing, when we get to FL in Jan. hope to do a lot more walking. Oh yeah ..ask #1 son if he wanted a piece of homemade apple pie...and let it me know that he declined!

Second post 6PM Well we didn't get the windows done today. Hope tomorrow. I did not do much after paintin, fixed dinner grilled burger, vegies' and ice cream sandwhich, wall mart has the best peanut butter ice cream sandwhches. I find I can't do as much hard work like painting the house as I use to , must be the retirment age thing. lol
thats all for now thanks for stopping by!
blessings to all

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



SILVER Hi all, have something not red in my kitchen so thought I would share it. Next to red kitchen I like green, and have a few things jadeite fire king coffee mug, an old Morton spoon rest and an old apple. With it I have some metal thingy's old orange juice squeezer, an old single cup drip coffee pot or a child's not sure about it, and an old pitcher . I think I will be keeping the mug and spoon rest and everything else will be sold. I am thinking on getting an Esty shop going kinda hard to get in the mood. well thats all for tonite thanks for looking.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday!

Vintage Tins

Vintage Tins and homemade Choco chip cookies!
Been having major problems with my verizon dsl ...but looks like I can do a VTT today.
Here are a few tins that I have collected over the years....I like red tins to go with my red kitchen....but have a few hershey's in there too...also made some cookies last nite...what I do is make put a batch of dough then bakes some and the rest I make into dough balls freeze on cookie sheet then put in zip lock freezer bag and when I get a craving for cookies take out a few and bake them....that way I don't eat a ton of them at a time which I would do if they were around!
This week I started working on getting my house ready to son is helping me and we got 7 windows scraped, caulked, and primed...I's a little late in the year for doing this outside work but....thats the way it end up I don't think we will get much more than windows done this year. At least it is a start and I am happy about that! Thats all for now don't for get to visit our host
Thanks for looking!