Monday, November 29, 2010




PAPER DOLL VINTAGE PAPER Hi all, I am still working on my craft - art studio. It is coming along very slow! I will post some pic's at some point but it will still not look done. I am still working on the ceiling, working over my head is slow going. And I still need storage thingy's. Found a wrought iron mag rack at a yard sale this weekend and put it to work already. I needed more table space so I got two of my 6ft.
1x12 boards out of my truck and my metal pipe saw horses and made a table out of those. Worked out pretty good. I use these boards when I take items to flea markets. I will not need them till summer. I still have several totes sitting around about 1/2 empty.
This week for TTT I want to show you some vintage wrapping paper that I unpacked this week.
I don't remember where I got it, I have had it so long. It was like Christmas when I looked at it all! There must be at least 75 different kinds of paper. All very beautiful, and in great shape for its age. I can't wait to start making things using these. You can click on the pic making it larger and get a great look at the detail. In the last pic, the paper is paper doll's how cool is that!
I did get some time to start working on a few things. I will post pic's soon.
Well that's it for now...thanks for checking out my blog and come back soon