Thursday, May 28, 2009





Hello everyone! Well I got two pic's of peaches, and can't figure out how to get rid of one>
Glad they got the Mr. linky fixed and we have VTT up and running again. Here are three pieces of vintage fruit chalkware in near perfect condition. I have had these a long long time and never get tired of looking at them. Maybe these will be one of a few things I will keep in my down sizing.
Had my first down sizing yrd sale over the weekend and it was great. Can't wait to have the next one. Was planning on doing the fleamarket today but got rained out. But I will have something to put on for tomorrow for my Fleamarke Friday. I can't wait to get rid of all this stuff. That will mark of the first of my goals to my life change. I have been looking at used class B motor homes just looking I can't do a thing till I sell my house. Well have to run now. See ya later
Don't for get to check out our host great site.
blessings to all

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well I seem to be having problems logging on to coloradolady blogger site to sign up for VTT I can log on to all other blogspot sites could someone please let her know I have a problem and see if she can fix it? can't even email her. I have done verything I can thing of.
Here is my VTT anyway 3 crochet vintage pot holders, a couple graters, enamal dipper and egg beater the apple apron in not vintage, my dd bought it for me at a craft show. I sure hope I can get back on to coloradolady's site soon. I am haveing a yard sale at my brothers house this weekend starting my down sizing. Got to go now busy busy busy!
blessings to all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Maggie playing RV'ing lol DD and SIL camper.

Well Grammy “n” Maggie spent 12 days practicing RV’ing. It was fun and I think we could live that way. I have decided to make some major life changes at this time of my life. I will be 64 next month and figured better do it now lol. I have always loved camping and dreamed often of being on the road traveling around this great country that we live in. I also have been wanting to down size for several yrs now. I am a pack rat so this is a major undertaking and I am a one woman show! I started last yr doing some yard sales, this yr I have added doing the flea market thing, so back to the practicing full time RV’ing we went to visit my dd and sil and gs and cats and dogs lol. GS was home from college and his gf came for a visit so me N maggie staid in their camper. It worked out great and we loved it. So now I am wanting this to happen fast but will have to take it one thing at a time. I have been following blogs of RV fulltimer’s there is a lot to learn and this is a good head start. I want a class C RV. I think I will start another blog about RV’ing from the start to finally getting on down the road. Any way here are a few pic’s. And I am having a down sizing yrd sale this weekend.
Have a great weekend
Blessings to all donna

Friday, May 15, 2009


No Fleamarket Friday today...rained out here is the last of the citrus kitchen I wanted to get a whole room pic but couldn't so here is what I got.
note the lemon door knobs!

vintage cake plates and the vintage daisy plates. Thats all for now. Going to set up at a fleamarket on Sun. so will check things out there.
Hope to sell ....and not buy to much!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here is the other side of sink area with depression glass plate, daisy plate, and chalkware.
Beautiful green plater, but I forgot to turn it over to see if it was marked
and these plastic fruit magnets ....I use to have them on my fridge when kids were litlle that would be in the early 60's
Hope you enjoyed my dd 's vintage kitchen...there is more but this is all I got for now. I just love her colors...she said when she did it that when they sold the house she would have change it back to a more "normal kitchen" lol. Anyway wish I could be so daring! Don't for get to go over to our great host for TTTy's
blessings to all

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Remember theses...Ma and Pa plates...made in the 60's I made a set only in blue...sweet
Vintage her kitchen window above her sink.
Green depression glass and chalkware fruit.

Well I'm here...having major puter problems....battery.....So I will try and get this done and visit as many of you as poss today. I am at my daughters in VA and took some pic of her vintage kitchen thingy's...My pic’s do not at all show the vibrant citrus color. It is really beautiful! She did this
Before the citrus colors came in….she always seems to know when a trend is coming. Also has
A great eye for color. I will show pic of the kitchen soon already this put has shut down on me 3 time while trying to post this.
blessings to all