Thursday, May 7, 2009


Remember theses...Ma and Pa plates...made in the 60's I made a set only in blue...sweet
Vintage her kitchen window above her sink.
Green depression glass and chalkware fruit.

Well I'm here...having major puter problems....battery.....So I will try and get this done and visit as many of you as poss today. I am at my daughters in VA and took some pic of her vintage kitchen thingy's...My pic’s do not at all show the vibrant citrus color. It is really beautiful! She did this
Before the citrus colors came in….she always seems to know when a trend is coming. Also has
A great eye for color. I will show pic of the kitchen soon already this put has shut down on me 3 time while trying to post this.
blessings to all


  1. Love your DD kitchen, so refreshing. Did you paint the Ma and Pa plates? And my DIL would die for those redbirds.
    Well it seems I'm out numbered by folks who like the I guess he gets to keep

  2. The Ma and Pa dishers are milk glass and the pic is made of material , rick rack . sequins etc...I didnt make those but made a set it blue......long gone....the were a hot thing in the early 60's

  3. That naughty naughty computer battery:) She really does have an eye for color! It all jives so well together!

  4. Sorry you are having computer problems...that is so aggravating.

    I just love all the vintage goodies you are showing today. I love your plates, I JUST found a set too and had to have them, they are really neat....that will be for another day however! LOL

    I love all the birds, they are so very cute! I can not wait to see the whole kitchen, it looks like a dream kitchen from just the snips you have shown us!! Have a great VTT.

  5. WOW! That kitchen looks good enough to EAT! I love it :)

  6. I grew up with a yellow and red kitchen of my mother's. And she would have loved the birds. The yellow and green is a lovely combination.

  7. First of all, from your blog headder I notice the Pepsi salt and pepper shakers. I used to have the Coca-Cola equivalents of those when we first got married!!!

    Then about the mom and pop plates - - - I do remember those. Do you remember the little wall plaques about that same time period that clothes turned pink for bad weather and blue for fair????

  8. What a great kitchen. I love the citrus colors. The vintage birds are original and fun to decorate with in a kitchen. Love the colors.

    Hope your computer is running by now.


  9. Happy VTT.. super cute kitchen.. so many vivid colours.. & have a great weekend..

  10. I love vintage kitchen decor! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love that green color in your kitchen and all the bright and cheery colors.

    Thanks fro coming by.

    barbara jean