Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 This is the ATC card I recived from my swap partner AJ at http://missouridaze.blogspot.com/ She send it in this cute little flet case. I love it so sweet. Thanks AJ
 Here is all the stuff she sent along for the ride.
Thanks AJ for being my partner I love your work! I will show you the one I sent AJ on the next post. Not making much right now because of packing up my craft/art room. I have to put everything in totes so that this summer with all the heat and humidity it will not get ruined. And I need to move it all to one side of the room so dad can get to the hurricane shutters if needed. He stores them out there. But soon as I get that done I will be working on a few things, like my monthly tags for that swap. I don't want to get behind while traveling north. I will still be doing swaps while in PA. maybe just not as many. I have a lot of work to do and will not have much time to play. I am feeling much better this year so hope to get some painting done upstairs. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Monday, April 16, 2012


 I an posting this using the new blogger I down loaded it yesterday. I don't think I like it much , they took a nice simple way to post and made it more complicated.

 Any way here are the stick pins I made for a swap over at MAS. Not sure if I posted about them or not. I just wanted to make a post using this new thing.
 How about this moving the text around. Don't mind me I am trying to figure out where everything will end up. My stick pins are packaged in a altered TP roll.
wonder why these two pic are stuck together? looks like they move when I type they. Got them fixed by adding text. Well think I will post this and see what happens. Thanks for looking and come back soon

Friday, April 13, 2012


These are the three charms I sent in the swap at MAS.
I tried to keep with the spring theme, with pastel color, flowers etc.
Second charm.More...... spring theme blue charm.

I also sent along for the ride a small container of beads with each charm. Each charm was to be attached to a tag or a card. I made some tags for mine. Some of my beads and charms are made with vintage jewelry. I had a ton of it at one time. But have enough left for a few altered art items to be made. Went to a couple yard sales today and got a couple of old bottles. Not sure what to do with them except to add them to my collection. For some reason I cant pass these up. They were only 50 cents. That's about it for now, thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I joined a spring charm swap over at http://minialbumscraps.ning.com/ These are the ones I received today. I love them all. Charms are so cool !
Above: got this charm from Trisha love the spring green colors in this, along with the butterfly, and flowers. Thanks Trisha.
Above: Again beautiful spring colors with flowers and butterflies. Look at those giant crystal type charms. Nice thanks Judy

Above: From RL Edison , look at all the goodies in this charm. It also has two mini bottles, with seed beads. Thanks so much RL. I love all these goodies I got today. I will post next on the charms I sent out for the swap. This is the last swap I am in at MAS not sure when or if I will do another. I like sending right to my swap partner they don't do this at MAS. It is a neat site tho....go check it out. Working on my queen swap at Tee's. I am doing a "Gypsy Queen" ATC. Simply because I had no queen pic's and still no printer. I am also doing the altered key swap. I have a bunch of old vintage skeleton keys I want to use. But not sure how to do that with such a skinny key !

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Got that mess fixed from the other day ! Here is the tag I made for Tee's tag a month swap. This is for April, I went with April showers. Spring, flowers, and all that. LOL.
The little girl, showers, clouds and all is a vintage bridal shower card from 1941. I love using vintage in my paper crafting.
Here are a bunch of stuff that went along for the ride. I always send along a few little crafty gifts with my swaps. :) It is a very gray day here. No rain but all gray clouds. A little cool at the beach , and very windy this morning when Maggie and I went for a walk on the dog beach. Only a couple peeps with their dogs were there. Stopped at a couple yard sales got a cd Waylon & Willie for a dollar. We came home and have done nothing but watch a few things on TV. I got my April tag today and will post next about it. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.


Here is the finished album. I tied it with a green sheer ribbon and added ribbon and a charm ... not sure where this text will end up. Well here are a few more pic's. But when I up loaded them they are all scattered over the page and I don't know where to type. I will try this...here is the pink and green wedding charm I made and added to the album.
Where is this?

More pages...what is wrong with blogger. I cant tell where I am typing...so I can tell you about the page ..gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr... anyway here they are.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Finished up the mini album for the grand kids. Her shower is the first weekend in May I cant go its in Pittsburgh Pa , so I am sending it to my daughter so she can take to the party. This is the front cover. Used a chip board album from Michael's for front and back cover with paper bags in side.

Here are a few pages, above pocket with several tags, and a pocket on the end. That would be the paper bag opening.
This page is plain with a tag in the end again. You can slip a pic behind the flower. Hand made flowers and tags on this page also. With a couple flourishes.
Another plan page with flourish bling and a hand made lolly pop flower. I am kinda new making these but they turned out ok. You can slip a pic behind this flower also.
This is the end side of the back page. The rose is an iron on, and a little booklet tied with ribbon to hold more journaling and pic. Her colors are apple blossom pink, and green.
This is the back page. I had them send me an invitation to the shower and used it to cover this page. Added those rose trim flowers you can get at Jo-Ann's. There are more pages I will post on them over the next few post. To many for one post. I will show you the box I am sending it in also.
Sent out my April tag of the month that Tee is hosting, I will post on that next.
WEATHER IN MELBOURN FL. 84 by 9:30 am. Warm with a few clouds.
Nice !
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My stick pins for this swap came in the beautiful card. My partner was Donna over at http://postcardsfromthestudio.blogspot.com/ the swap was hosted by Tee at the http://thealteredpaper.blogspot.com/ .
In side the card were these lovely stick pins! I love them thanks for being my swap partner Donna.And all these great goodies came along for the ride. I will have fun creating with them.
Thanks again Donna. Not much going on since my last post so this will be a short one.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I made a practice mini album. I am making one for my grandsons girl. They are getting married in June and the shower (I cant go) is in May. I have only made that one junk journal so I felt I need to make a practice one again. This is the front, made a lace flower with a pink button, the paper under the flower is a pocket. Not sure that I will do that on the one I make for shower.
First page, with a pocket at the bottom and tags for journaling and add pic's to.
Second page, a band across the middle holding a tag. I will be putting a few more tags in this journal and more in the shower one. At the end of each paper bag pages I inserted a large tag you can see it with the flower and ribbon pull on the top.Next page more pocket and page with large green tag.This page has pocket and tag with a bling pink flower and green tag with a flower pull.
Page has band in the middle to hold tags and flower pull on the large tag.
No pocket on this page (I forgot and glued it down :) ) so stamped a journal spot and can put a pic on the pink page. Has green striped large tag.
Pocket on this page with large tag. And a journal spot. The pocket was punched with a lace type paper punch.Same as before.

This is the back of the album you can slip a pic behind the glitter frame. This is my first paper bag mini album, I made this one using the lunch bags you can buy WM. The one I make for the shower gift I got the good bags at Mike's. I cut the bags and patteren paper yesterday. I did the bags wrong so now I will do them again, and that will make the paper too big. At least I can cut it down. I have to send this by the last week of April so I cant afford to many more mistakes. I will be giving this mini album to my daughter the mother of the groom. She can fill it with wedding pic's and stuff. Thanks for looking and come back soon.