Sunday, September 30, 2012


I finally got my mini paper bag family recipe album "stuff" organized. First pic stickers & chip board embly's.

This pic is of all the papers, cards and ribbon that I got together so far.

I also got a bunch of vintage enpherma.(sp)

Was even able to come up with a few stamps related to food  or kitchen. My room is still a mess and not very conducive to working in. Sometimes I wonder if I need all the junk I have. Hmmm.... need to work  on that thought. Sure wish I could find a group to craft with.

I have all three swaps done that I am in. But can not show you pic's until my partner's get them. Soooo what do I post about...Anyone know of any fall / halloween swaps that are still open?  Oh I am going on a camping GTG with some internet can read about it here my other blog... Also I still want to do that give away...soon as I get 100 get signing you lurkers out there....
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is one of my projects ....

like I said where do I This is what it started out looking is a little better least I can work at my desk.  I have to keep everything in this room, crafts, tools, fishing stuff, among a few things. It gets really messed up at times.

It has been a sad tough week so far for me. Remembering my brother...his estate auction was yesterday ...I am glad I was not there. 

So at lunch I took some food went here to the beach...then took a walk. Fun watching that little bird dig around for food then run like a sprinter to get away from the waves as they came back in. Was beginning to feel guilty because I left Maggie at the house. So did not stay long.....and it is still hot here.
I did start my Coffin swap over at Tee's this week...this is a sneak peak... Now I will work on the letter C ATC swap, and the Oct. Tag Swap. Sure wish I  had more to say and show you but its a little slow here right now. I still have to get the family recipe paper bag album started. For the last 6 months or so I have been gathering up stuff for this project...and have a ton of stuff. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Friday, September 21, 2012


Here are a few more swaps that I have not had time to post.

This is the sewing swap held this summer.

More summer tag!! cute !

This is a sweet little summer girl tag!

Sorry I don't have all the info on these swaps , it is still all packed away somewhere. You can check them out on Tee's blog. I worked in craft room yesterday, and emptied all the totes now have to find somewhere to put all my stuff. Went to a couple yard sales today looking for shelving , tables, etc but found nothing. I did make enough space on my work table to start a couple more swaps I signed up for. Well not much for today thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I will start with the swaps as I find the pic's on my puter. This one is the Alfa Atc letter B. Tee at and my partner was Sandra at I dont see a blog but here is her flicker site. Sandra I love those girls in the band. Thanks so very much.Here is the ATC with a few things that came along for the ride. I love getting craft mail :)

And here is the ATC that I sent Sandra. I had halloween/fall stuff so I went with that theme namely BAT.

Here is the tag, Stamped it with an all over crackle stamp made it look like cobwebs. Found a strip of a bingo card with the letter B and put a bingo chip on the no. 13. Stamped and fancy cut a bat or two with some black rick rack...and called it done.

Here are a few things that went along for the ride. I love doing swaps, and I will get caught up with posting some that I have done. If you don't see yours please email me and let me know. I did try durning this try in time to at least photo them planing on posting later.
I have been busy trying to get it together since I got back to Fl. Things to do here and my stuff as well. Working on art/craft room now , it is going to take awhile as I am purging a few things, things that I thought I might use (found at yard sales)  but never have so out they go.
I did not get a chance to work on my family paper bag recipe mini albums. So I want to start those soon and join in on a few more swaps.
I will show the mess I have in craft room next post. And see what other swaps need posted.
That's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings donna

Monday, September 10, 2012


Well we made it back to Florida on Friday. Left on wed morning after having breakfast with my sister. She made it for us. Then we got to VA about 3 pm to visit with my daughter. Went to dinner with daughter, grandson and his wife. Dad got a room at the red roof inn, and Maggie and I a good sleep in the van. Morning son in law took a half day off to see us off (he had to work late on wed) so him, daughter, dad and me went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then before we left, had to check on getting a pair of shoes. No luck. Then a stop at WM to get a battery operated fan. It was really hot in the van last nite.
 This first tag is the bathing beauties that was a swap I was in over at Tee's.
I was really hard pressed for beach/bathing beauty scraps. I did find this one image, and that was it! So this is the tag I was able to come up with. The blue fish like thing is an old earring! I think it looks just like a fish and the hole was in the right spot for a fish eye.!

We traveled to Richburgh SC. on Thursday, 7 hrs. Lots of miles. Dad stayed at a very nice Motel 6 and Maggie & me stayed in the parking lot. Sleeping in the van again. Good thing I bought that fan because the further south we go the hotter it gets. The fan worked out very well, but I can see I will need to get rechargeable batteries and a charger. I takes 8 D batteries, and only will last 24 hrs. For now it will be a must have, camping in these southern states.
The next tag is a fall for the tag of the month over at Tee's again. This one I had better luck with, I had the pumpkin paper and the orange ribbon, and the pumpkin colored buttons. So was able to do this one easy :)

 And a few things that went along for the ride. I know I am way behind on my posting but now will get caught up. Got the van all unpacked and ready to set up my craft/art room. It will be in the Florida room again. I wish I had room inside the house for it, but to to be. It is very hot and muggy here, and rainy. Storms going thur all the time, one right now.
Thanks to all the kind words expressed with the lose of my brother in July. I just don't have the words to say anything, it is still so hard for me. Thanks all. Come back and visit soon, I will be posting more often now.
PS. I will post next on some swaps I received.