Monday, May 3, 2010



This is going to be my VTT for this week, I will go and post it the. This is a beautiful vintage canister set with the match holder all in red flower pattern. The set is my DD's and in great shape. I use to sell the vintage canister sets in my store, the apple were the one.s that brought the most money. All the vintage tin is still in demand but you don't get the money that we use to.
Even the newer advertising tins like the Ritz , and Nabisco Premium cracker tins are in demand.
The other thing that was in high demand and got good money was vintage Wilendur linens. Especially the cherry and rose pattens. I love old linen, especially the hand embroider stuff. I learned how to embroider when I was 12 years old, so I guess that anything I did then would be considered vintage lol. I have nothing that I ever embroidered but have one thing of my mothers. Stupid of me to get rid of it when I was younger and didn't like "old stuff"
I am finishing up the trim painting in the bath room today, doing the vanity and that will be all in the bathroom. I will be starting the woodwork trim in the bedrooms next.
Son is working hard on the garage between rain days. It turned out to be a bigger job than we thought, don't they all!
I have no idea how much we will get done on the house this summer, but I am hoping a lot, so I can rent it out before I leave for Florida. I don't think I will be selling it at this time so rent is something to try for now.
Since I wont be selling right away, no RV for awhile so, I think I would like to get a van. I will be hauling stuff to FL and need one and Maggie and I can also go camping in it.
We have been doing some Geo-caching and having a good time. It would be more fun if I had a caching partner. If you want to check out our caching adventures check my other site
I will try and keep up this site in a timely manner in the future. Thanks for stopping by.
Blessings to all