Friday, January 10, 2014


Here is the sketching I was working on that got me back in the mood for some crafting…that and looking at a couple of books I had started….this was one of the pages in the book My Learning Journal …a junk journal…



It stared out with some spry painting some pages in the journal …then the other day I started sketching a sun face on it….


More inspiration I like magazines…but now I have no room to store them…I think in my down sizing I have gotten rid of at least a 1/2 ton of them….so when I was doing this…I looked thru a few  of them and cute out what I liked and put them in a folder…so got that out and was looking thru in and got the idea of putting some under the glass on my work desk…this can be changed at will…when I get tired of looking at one thing….can change it….


I have done much crafting this week…right now I am sitting at Wickham CG for an over night stay to empty my tanks.. they have free wifi and I have been looking at crafty YouTube videos…more inspiration….That’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon… blessings to all …donna

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well I know it has been a long time…but what can I say…( I wasn’t in the mood)?…any way the other day I got busy and started cleaning out my art/craft room…making it more (in the mood making)….below is the corner that is my main working area…I have my desk top covered in glass…the piece on the right is a table top I found at a yard sale for $1…( you know me queen of the buck)….then last winter I found another piece someone set out for the trash man…it is about 5 ft. and covers the whole area on the left…working on glass is great…it cleans up supper and you can cut on it…These both are nice thick pieces that one would use on table tops…


Below in pix….is a close up of work space…the altered cigar box on the right I started working on it last spring…got it out and did a little more the other day ….that and doing some sketching got me started….the cigar box is a sewing room for a friend or for yourself…my plan was and still is to sell these at craft shows and make up some kits that you can make your self and sell on etsy…I am also working on a fairy box.


Fixed up part of my working space with some things I like to look at and might just give me some inspiration…


Another corner of inspiration….love my old crates…


I also got busy and started to put out some of my “finding things” to use in altered art …I have a ton of this stuff and have to pack it away each year when I go to PA….so the mold and mildew don’t get to  it  during  summer…


I am sitting over at a Publix parking lot doing this post so I can use their Wi-Fi….I ran out of my Verizon so had to look for some free ….You can read my other blog and see what happened to my puter and why I ran out….Any way this is a start …getting back into the swing of things…watching YouTube videos makes me want to start swapping again…So this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…

blessing to all….donna