Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have more lace than any one crafter will use in a 100 years. So what I don't have is a machine that makes the die cuts. I would like to swap one" on one " lace for die cuts. What I would like to have are the things like, bird cage, dress form, pic frame, and flourishes. But I will take anything you have to trade die cuts. Anything!The lace I have is 30 different kinds of lace, they will be 24 in. in length. So that works out to me about 60 feet of lace? I should have enough cut to do a couple of swaps.
You can email me at redapplejunction at hotmail dot com And leave a comment if you want.
If you don't want to leave a comment just email that will be fine. I will take first come first serve for the swap. I can send out the lace first so you can then send the die cuts to what you think its worth. Some day I hope to get a Big Shot but first I need a printer. Anyway I hope someone will swap with me. thanks

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Got my match box fall swap from Jenny this weekend. Beautiful velvet flower on the top.Filled with scrap goodies. Lot to work with. Thanks so much Jenny. This is a sneak peak pic of a project I am working on, it has something to do with buttons. It is a swap so I cant show you everything at this time. But I am as usual a head of the project. I have not even been confirmed that I am in yet!! I find that I work better when I have a challenge rather than just sitting down and making something. I have a couple of swap mystery envelopes I have to make. With moving and all I got behind.

I will be doing them this week. Will post when I get them done. Went to therapy for my feet this am, they are a tad better I think? But then again I have not been on them. Going to Michael's on black Friday in the afternoon. No standing in line for me. Sure do miss walking tho. Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is the fall matchbox I altered for the swap that Tee had Go over to her blog and check out all the great swaps she has and join in! This scarecrow guy is a pin that you can ware during the fall season. Some stamping and a doily, bling and put a stick pin on there too. The pull is a mini vintage spool of crochet thread.The goodies in side. Closer view of the goodies, on the bottom of the box is papers also. Don't think you can see them in this pic. I love doing these match book swaps, I have had my Christmas on done since the first day that Tee posted it . lol
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Nice and warm, hot I would day. Had yard sale on Sat. I think I only and about 10 items in it the rest was dad's and a couple friends brought over a few things. It was not a good sale. I ask one lady if there were very many yard sales she said no and not many people at them either. So guess I just picked the wrong weekend. I did take a truck load to Goodwill when we were done. I don't care if I never have another yard sale. After the last 3 years I have had it! I am not going to do anything this week hope I can rest my feet so they get better. I joined a tag book swap that Jean over at is having go on over there an join!!! Worked in my craft room this morning, organizing more in my rolling drawers. At least i can sit in my office chair that has wheels and just have a " wheeley good time " lol. Soon as I get my fall matchbox I will post it. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings Donna
PS. Hi family up north how's the weather???

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Got my stick pin swap today from Jean at Wonderful Jean! Looks like she used a hand crochet doily as the base then some lace, and a pretty pink yo yo with a button. Close up of a few pins.Beautiful!Here they are hanging around on Norma E. and a few other friends.
Weather in Melbourne FL. hot and muggy today, from the first thing this morning till now. More of the same tomorrow. Cool down to mid 70's on Friday. Mid 80's sat. We are having a yard sale on sat. Now going to therapy for my feet 3 times a week. I know it will help!! Made my winter ATC for the swap in Dec. Got the match box done a while ago. I am way ahead! Thanks again Jean for the pins! The swap was hosted by Tee at go visit and join in the fun. Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Tee is having a altered domino swap and since I have never made one thought I would do a practice run today. Used the Ranger alcohol ink on these. To make this modeled look, I found out if you wait till it is almost dry you can add more ink to them, I put the ink on the pad with a dot of alcohol and dobbed it again. I used a different color on the third one. Thought I might add some Recollections flat back pearls to one of them. The stick on kind.Hear they are all finished. I put the Glossy Accents on them for the sealer. The first I added an angel scene from some card stock. Mod Podged it on. The second one with the butterfly's I stamped them on a piece of pattern paper, then Mod Podged it also. I think if white tissue paper was used the back ground would have shown up better. The third one I added the bling to it. My camera is the pits. So bad pic's. The third one as a couple bubbles in it, I tapped it on the table like everyone says to do , but they would not pop out. A little close up with the flash on, was hoping for a better pic but did not happen. This is just a practice so I don't know if I will make any thing with them or not. Also made this stocking winter tag. Some snow tex on the top with glitter, the paper had the snow flakes in it and I added the rhinestones to each one. Then made a snowman charm and added it with the fashion yarn. Glitter glue on the toe and heel.Hear is a close up. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA. Warming up (like it was ever cold) lol. High 74 right now at 4pm. Sun shine all over. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon. Resting my feet and watching football this afternoon. Feet :(

Saturday, November 12, 2011


These are pic's of the stick pins I made for Tee's swap. My partner Jean received them so I thought I would go ahead and show you what I made. I made all the stick pins with new beads and some beads from vintage jewelry that I had. The blue beads moon glow beads from a vintage necklace.The yellow pin on the right has a yellow ribbon rose on the top using the white head of the pin as the middle of the rose.
Most of the tags are made with scrap booking card stock some are from a few old cards I had. Then I used fashion yarn for the tag ties. I had a fun time making these pins. I would like to do another stick pin swap with matching charm. I think that finding a way to display your pins and charms in the most interesting, and challenging part of this type of swap. I think a monthly swap with a different theme would be fun also. I have a bunch of pins made, about 30 or so, I had to stop making them because I didn't have anything to do with them. I can't wait to get mine! I will post them soon as I do. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Friday, November 11, 2011


Pearl gave me this table. The legs have wheels, and it needed a paint job. She had some cool lime green paint that she got at the recycle depot. The take all paint that people want to get rid of and keep it about 4 or 5 months. Then they dispose of it. You can go there and get all you want of other's discards. She got the lime green there it was almost 3/4 full of good Behr paint. Painting the table. After the top was painted I decided that was all that needed painted. So I left the rest with just the stain that was on it. Took it in my room and now I have a desk or table to work on three sides! I love the wheels, ever since I got the rolling drawers. It is great being able to move things back and forth when you need them. And here is the rest of the SUGAR PLUM album. You cant tell much but those are jingle bells on this page glued to a envelope with tags in it. With some rhinestone bling.The last page with some silver glue dots and peppermint tags
Weather in Melbourne FL. Wonderful, was 51 this morning when we got up and out. It is now 4pm and 61. Sunny all day. I think everyone in FL is in coats , hats and gloves but me ! lol They think it is cold!
I finished the tree album and almost have the Christmas stocking album done. I don't think I will do the stocking again. It is to thin to hold pic's and tags. The would make neat tags for a swap tho. Thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Got this album done! Need to find a binder ring larger than the one that came with it. This is the front page. Used all paper from the sugar plum pad This is the back of front cover page. Polk a dot paper and 3 tags for pic's and journaling on the back. Next set of pages the front, brown polk a dot , vintage rick rack, and ggbreads. Brown bag envelope from Michael's and a couple tags.The back side, sugar plums and snow flakes. Candy cane ribbon tags for pic's and rick rack ties on tags.Front of next set, red and white, cute little tree tag with other two tags embossed with snow flakes. Back side is ggbread, another brown bag, and tags with ggbread ribbon.Back side has stripped paper with red glue dots around and some rhinestone bling. the bag is from a pack of mini not cards I got at Michael's it is the envelope part. With a couple of round tags for pic's, you can put a pic behind the rick rack on the envie.
I am now addicted to mini albums! I am going back to Michael's and see what else I can find. Maybe Tee will hold a mini album swap after the Holidays. :):):) Yesterday we got a late start and went to only a couple of yard sale, but they were good. I got 4 more sets of rolling drawers for $5 each they have 5 drawers in them. Now I am all set to get organized!! I scrubbed them up yesterday put then in the yard to dry out, it was so windy that the blew all over the yard and I had to hose then off again. I still have a couple more pages in this album will show you next post. Thanks for looking and come back soon

Friday, November 4, 2011


Does your work desk look like this?? Mine always seems to be a big mess while working and sometimes when not working lol. If you look close you can see two unfinished Christmas trees that is the next mini album I am making. I am having a great time making these. I went on line again and found some other ways to add the paper to the chip board. And a few other tips. This is one side of the trees all papered up ready to decorate. The other side is done in different paper.I learned today an easy way to add the paper, put the glue on the paper and lay the chip board on top of it and cut around with a sharp blade. I was tracing it, cutting it out and then putting on the chip board. And I did not cut it right most of the time. So next one I will try the other way. Here are two almost finished trees. They have a few more embellishments and the other side to get finished.
Think I will make a mini album to give away on my blog at Christmas time. All you peeps that read and don't comment put your input on a comment when the time comes you just might win it. Someone will ! Today Maggie and I went to a few yard sales. I only spent 95 cents so you know how great the sales were today....a bunch of dud's. Got a scrapbooking pad 50 cents and a couple other art thingy's. All for not thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


SUGAR PLUMS ....My first mini album...really my first the chip board at Michaels last week in the haul...thought I would give you a peak at it. This is the cover of album. I have alot more picked out to put on the page.This is one side of all the pages. They are covered with paper on both sides not alike. Each one is different. I did a few things wrong but remember I don't know what I am doing lol. I should have edged and painted or distressed each one before putting on the paper. A couple more paged started much more ended up on them. I used paper from paper pad called sugar plums so I went with that all through the album using all the sugar plum embellishments that I could find. I finished this album today...all but putting the binder ring in...the one that came with it was to will go get a bigger one. Then I will add some fibers and ribbon to that and add a charm or two.
I really had fun doing this album. I watched video's on You Tube and got the idea there. They showed a lot of them and swaps they did with mini albums. I sure would love to do a swap doing a mini album. I got a few other chip board albums, a tree, house and a Christmas stocking. I started the tree today. Well that's it for today, thanks for looking and come back soon.

Blessings Donna

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Got an flash email from Michaels with a 2 day 50 % of sale Recollections was the one I was interested in. All embellishments were on sale. They don't advertise these email prices in store. So I went wild lol , but I could have bought more! Got these roses love them! 50% off you cant beat it. Sale date Nov 1 & 2 so you still have time to get some goodies!Got a bunch of Recollections Christmas embellishments, you should have seen me trying to make things, with next to nothing for Christmas. Started already on projects. Got these humming bird charms they were 50 cents each 60% off made them 20 cents! Some of these were in the dollar bin, but the charms were 50% off. Got several paper pads, K&Company Julianne was 60% off, it might be an old pad, but new to me so in the buggy it went! Recollections Sugar Plum was 50 % off. Donna Salazar Antiquities was 60% off, and I got two Halloween / Fall pads K&Company and Recollections that were 70% off I know if I did not get them I would be upset next fall with no supplies and have to pay full price that I would not do!! I did not take a pic of all the paper pads. The best buy was of a dog paper pad with a few things in the package, it was &14.95 marked down to $5.95 when I went to cach out it rang up ant 1 cent lol now that was almost free!!!! WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL--- Beautiful, not humid, in the 70's a little windy but great! 60's at night. I am working on a mini Christmas album. I have never made an album mini or other wise. But after watching many You Tube videos that got me inspired, I am going to start making them for gifts and to sell. Still hoping to do a show in the spring, we'll see. Any way I will show you soon, I am making a tutorial, sort of, about it. Never did that either. Should be interesting lol. I named this first mini album Sugar Plums since I am using the new Recollections paper. I think in Dec. I am going to have a challenge THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. It will be a tag challenge so this gives you time to think about it. I think I will go to the other Michaels that is local and look around after all there is one more day to the sale lol. I found all Michaels are not the same, carrie a lot of different things. I am lucky that I have 2 with in 20 min one north the other south of me. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings Donna