Friday, November 11, 2011


Pearl gave me this table. The legs have wheels, and it needed a paint job. She had some cool lime green paint that she got at the recycle depot. The take all paint that people want to get rid of and keep it about 4 or 5 months. Then they dispose of it. You can go there and get all you want of other's discards. She got the lime green there it was almost 3/4 full of good Behr paint. Painting the table. After the top was painted I decided that was all that needed painted. So I left the rest with just the stain that was on it. Took it in my room and now I have a desk or table to work on three sides! I love the wheels, ever since I got the rolling drawers. It is great being able to move things back and forth when you need them. And here is the rest of the SUGAR PLUM album. You cant tell much but those are jingle bells on this page glued to a envelope with tags in it. With some rhinestone bling.The last page with some silver glue dots and peppermint tags
Weather in Melbourne FL. Wonderful, was 51 this morning when we got up and out. It is now 4pm and 61. Sunny all day. I think everyone in FL is in coats , hats and gloves but me ! lol They think it is cold!
I finished the tree album and almost have the Christmas stocking album done. I don't think I will do the stocking again. It is to thin to hold pic's and tags. The would make neat tags for a swap tho. Thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. Love the finished table top!
    The Color Really Spruced it up.. Perfectly!
    And Your Sugar Plum Album is really Gorgeous with the color and pretty embellishments!! Hugs,Tee