Friday, November 4, 2011


Does your work desk look like this?? Mine always seems to be a big mess while working and sometimes when not working lol. If you look close you can see two unfinished Christmas trees that is the next mini album I am making. I am having a great time making these. I went on line again and found some other ways to add the paper to the chip board. And a few other tips. This is one side of the trees all papered up ready to decorate. The other side is done in different paper.I learned today an easy way to add the paper, put the glue on the paper and lay the chip board on top of it and cut around with a sharp blade. I was tracing it, cutting it out and then putting on the chip board. And I did not cut it right most of the time. So next one I will try the other way. Here are two almost finished trees. They have a few more embellishments and the other side to get finished.
Think I will make a mini album to give away on my blog at Christmas time. All you peeps that read and don't comment put your input on a comment when the time comes you just might win it. Someone will ! Today Maggie and I went to a few yard sales. I only spent 95 cents so you know how great the sales were today....a bunch of dud's. Got a scrapbooking pad 50 cents and a couple other art thingy's. All for not thanks for looking and come back soon.


  1. Neat Tables are not productive! The Messier mine is - the more creativity flowing! Lol. Hugs,Tee

  2. Oh Donna, I can't wait to see these tree albums finished! These are so cute! My craft table looks worse than that all the time. In fact, at this very moment I will have to clean it up before I can do anything else in there. I can't find anything! Thanks for sharing this cute project!