Friday, May 27, 2011





VINTAGE CANNING JAR WITH BUTTONS WEATHER IN GREENVILLE PA : Temp 70 Rain on and off all day. Mostly cloudy, not at all what I am used to.

I was feeling better today so Maggie and I went to a few yard sales between rain drops. Above is what we go. The first is a vintage tin, isn't that flower graphic on the top beautiful! It was full of sewing items mostly vintage things, like wood spools, buttons, tape , seam biding etc. Nice find.

Next pic of old magazines Woman's Day, Farm Journal, Women's Household. From 1941 and few 60's. Lot of neat old graphics and photo's especially the advertisements.

Last but not least, an old blue ball canning jar, filled with vintage buttons. A great find. I think that I am hooked on buttons. lol

I think I will be feeling good enough by Monday to start work on the house. And work on some art projects. I joined two more swaps so I better get busy.

I need to do 7 bird tags for the Karla's Cottage Bird Song Tag swap, and RAK swap with Tee again at The Altered Paper. Your are to fill a business size envelope with altered art goodies, such as graphics, tags, lace, buttons, all kind of paper, etc. I love swaps. She is going to do a altered spoon swap, now I cant wait for that. Got mine done already!!

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon



Thursday, May 26, 2011






PIC 1- Got this sweet looking package in the mail. How cool is that with the butterflies.

PIC 2- This is my Whimsy Pocket from my swap partner Tee.

PIC 4- The goodies in the pocket. Two scrabble charms, a large double sided tag with a hand made flower, large tag with an owl, two small pink envelopes, one small pocket with tag in it, one small tag, three pastel roses.

The pocket wrapped in striped pink paper embellished with lace and beautiful satin rose. On the back a pretty pink button. Pink satin ribbon handle. This is from Tee at The Altered Paper my swap partner.

I love it, was excited when I got the mail, even tho I have a nasty cold. Do to that cold I have not done a thing since I got to PA. I feel a little better today, hope its better by the weekend so I can go visit family.

I love these swaps I have been doing I have joined two more I will post on the next post.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011




MORE My swap partner received her pocket so I thought I would post about and show you all. I wrapped the paper towel roll with textured wall paper (not vintage). The flowers at the bottom I used the edging from a napkin. Put the dot sheer ribbon on the very bottom. In the middle I added a lavender vintage clip on earring. Punched holes one both sides and added the ribbon. Put daisy beads around the top. The goodies inside are an antique skeleton key, a tear drop crystal from an antique chandelier I got from a 100 yr, old house that was being torn down, some assorted buttons and sequin things. I really had fun with this swap, and hope to do many more. Glad I was able to get this done and sent before I left for my trip north.

Tee from The Altered Paper was my swap partner and she posted about iton her blog. Go take a look she as a neat blog!

Thanks for looking and come back soon

PS Maggie and I are in VA this weekend will head for PA in the morning.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am heading north in the morning. If you want to keep up with me & Maggie check my other blog the link is on the side bar. I also sent out my pocket swap, Tee was my partner she should get it Friday. When I get to my daughters on Sat. I will post my pics.
Thought I would leave you with a few pic's of Maggie. Here she is winter before last we were snowed in trying to get to Florida. Take a close look she has her snow boots on. LOL She had no problem wearing these as it was so cold she could not go out without them. With in minutes she would be lifting her paws wanting me to pick her up. Also when she sees me with a camera she looks away it really is hard to get her face. Click on pic for close up.

This is Maggie and Joey my daughters dog, they sit in her bay window waiting for us to come home and the carry on like we had left them for days. LOL

All for now thanks for looking come back soon



Thursday, May 12, 2011


These papers are on the small size. With this first one I was trying a technique using the Tim Holtz blending tool. I think I need some lessons. LOL. They were to come out looking like sunflowers but all I got was two colored blobs. I could not waste anything, so I made my own flowers out of the blobs. Using Pitt Pens and a green jelly roll pen all I did was out line and do some detail. Turned ok for me. I really would like to learn how to use that blending tool.

These are some poppies I painted using water color crayon and Pitt Pens for the detail. I am not sure if I will use this as a small almost mini collage or add it to a larger collage.

Same with these flowers I drew them and used the water color crayons on then also. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. : Yesterday we hit a record high of 96. I wonder what summer will bring if this is spring weather!

Not much in the way of art going on around here. I now have everything packed up ready to go.

I did these a few weeks ago so thought I would share them now.

That's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon



Sunday, May 8, 2011



I joined another swap! Love doing these. This one you are to use a paper towel roll. Cut it glue down one end and decorate. I got mine done and the pic below is a sneak peek at it.

003When you get done you are to fill it with sweet little bits and pieces. When I get done I will show you all, I don’t want to give it away in case my swap partner might read my blog.

Short post today thanks for looking and come back soon!

Blessings Donna

Friday, May 6, 2011


This is a close up of the blue on one sheet of paper you can see the texture of the wall paper.

wal 3

wal 6

This is the three sheets that I used for this batch of paper.

wal 5

Close up of paper layered using paint and old paper doily and a piece of screen that is the squares.

wal 4

More doily stencils.

wall 2

This is a coaster that is in the shape of the sun I used as a stencil.

wall 1

I am using the live writer and still not sure where the text is going to show up or how. I hope I get use to it soon. I had a whole post wrote up with pic’s and all . Well it end up on the wrong blog. Sometimes when I go to type the letter I it changes the fonts to italics. Having this new computer does not help very sencitive and I touch thing not knowing and zap something happens and I have know idea what or how and do not know how to fix it. I still can not find the save button.

Pearl got some out dated wall paper books and she shared some with me, and that is what I used here. I have 3 frames that I got at a yard sale going to use them for these. I plan on collageing on them. So stay tuned for that.

Also I joined another swap that was what I did yesterday and it got posted on the wrong blog so I deleted and now have to redo it. That will be next blog.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Blessings Donna

Monday, May 2, 2011


Well second time for trying this, First time I hit publish and it did not publish. So I will try again. This is a test post. I also will try and post a pic and see where you can put text. On top or and at the bottom of pic. 004

Here goes, this is 3 frames I got at a yard sale few weeks ago. I already made a back ground to collage on for them. I used wall paper from an out dated wall paper book.

Going to try and post this again.

Ok, this big dummy figured it out. lol


This is a couple pages from the first book that I am altering. This is kinda hard for me as I am so new to this art that I really don't know what I am doing. And not sure how to do it, According to what I have read there is no right or wrong, so I will go ahead and show you. I think I am done with these two pages but you never know with this kind of art. I first put a layer of acrylic paint down kind of scattered not filling in the whole page. Did some stamping then added flowers and butterflies from differed sources.

The sunflowers are from a card that my son's family got me for my birthday one year, I used part of it for this project and part is in my Junk Journal. That journal is mostly for family mementos. This sunflower I put some detail on it and added a vintage button. The stems are just cut from card stock with detail added.

Close up of other sunflower.

This is a butterfly cut from a magazine add. I think it was for jello, not sure about that. I did the detail with my Pitt Pens and added a diamond shaped rhinestone that I got in a package of things at a yard sale.

More of the same butterflies only smaller. You can see the stamping in the back ground on this pic. The yellow on the page is from water color crayons.

I punched out some flowers and used them and the negative. On the negative I rounded the corners did some detail again with pens and added some gold metal brads in the middle. Then scattered the punched out flowers around.

Another close up of sunflower.

This is a pic of the book that I am altering. Not the best pic but you get the idea. I got off to a not so good start to this. I could not figure out what to do. So I started by just doing some back ground work on the pages, gluing several together so the book is not so fat, and generally just back ground work. Finally I started with the sunflower and it kinda just started to fall in place. I did not do it all at one time, that I found out is not the way this art works most of the time. I learned from other altered artist that you let your muse lead you. LOL didn't know I had one till now and still not sure when or how she will show up.

Well that's it for now, thanks for looking and come back soon.