Saturday, December 25, 2010


TAGS FOR ESTY WEATHER IN FLORIDA TODAY: Some what cool with rain. I guess most everyone is going to have a white Christmas, that would be the only time I miss the snow!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Not much going on here, today. I thought about going to the beach for the sunrise but not a good weather day for that. I did get up and take a look at the eclipse the other nite. The pic's I post today are some tags I made for esty, speaking of I did get registered and started my store, they are made with my new tag punch that I got on sale at Michael's last week. Forty % off plus another 15% with coupon from paper. They were made out of an old world atlas, really old, an old sheet music, and old book. I will post a link for my esty store as soon as it is up and going.
All for now thanks for taking a look and come back soon.
Blessings to all

Saturday, December 18, 2010


LOOT I GOT AT YARD SALE: This was a great find of, old Christmas books, early 1950's very cool. Then I found some old doily's round ones, and a few in the shape of hart, diamond, spade, really nice fun ephemera. And a couple old books to alter. I loved the old library pocket! These will all be fun working in my altered art projects. MY JUNK JOURNAL





This is my first attempt at making and altered art journal. So I decided to call it my junk journal, and fill it with things that I have and like that are lying around with out a home. Just being moved from place to place. First of all I altered the pages in side making them ready for the new occupants. I used some of the techniques I have learned on the Internet and used in the journals in the last post. One of the techniques was to wrinkle up a page then smooth it out and lightly rub a ink stamp pad over it. In the next to the last page on the left side, I tore up paper and glued it on the page, in one part I tore some tissue paper up and glued it on, it has the gold stars on it. Each page then is distressed with an ink pad. I will show you before and after pic's of some pages as I add to them. This book was a composition book, that I got at the dollar store. The front has a couple pieces of paper added to it, but had some decoration all ready on it. I will be adding more to this front as time goes on and I see something I like. The same with the back it was all red and I put the heart paper on. The ribbon serves a purpose besides being decorative, they help hold the book together as it gets heavier when you add to it. I am having fun working with this book. I have a few things here with me to put in it, as I still have a lot of stuff in PA. I have a few things the G-kids made for me when they were little, and a few cards the kids send me on BD's and Mothers Day.
I would love to join in a few swaps, if anyone reading this knows of any swaps that I could join in please leave a comment! I know its close to Christmas, so not much going on right now with this type of thing, but I would love to join a Valentine swap.
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Monday, December 13, 2010






In the first pic is both the journals that I have been working on. The big one was made from a note book that I got at the dollar store. I am making this one for me. Since I really didn't know what I was doing, did not want to put it for sale. A junk journal is, from what I can figure out, is a journal that you make to put things in that you want to keep and don't have anywhere to put it. like maybe things collected on a vacation, a day trip to the movies, any kind of outing that you have picked up some unique things and ideas. It can have things you have seen in magazines, books or photos and want to keep them. Things that make you smile, pleasing for you to look at, keepsakes, and a multitude of other things that I cant think of right now. I guess that it can be made from junk, such as cereal boxes old used books, magazines, the small journal in the pic is a kids chunky book, you know the ones that are made with the thick card board. I forgot to take a before pic, but I got a couple mine chunky books that I will do before pic so you get the idea.
You can cover your pages or any collage projects with old paper of any kind, flash cards, scrap booking paper (this is what I used for these) calenders, text from books, sheet music, junk mail, etc etc you get the idea. Once you start this you will come up with all kinds of ideas and will be hoarding every piece of paper that comes your way.
I covered each page and the front and back with paper. I have some designer clips and paper clips that I picked up at WM on sale. They are to hold things in your book until you get around to pasting and gluing them in, or just to old something that you don't want to glue down.
I did not call this a Junk Journal because I want to put it up for sale and you could very well use this as photo album as well. So I did not put anything on the front, like I did the larger one.
I had so much fun doing these, I got two more chunky books, and a note book to make more. I will be looking at yard sale for more chunky's. I will post on the bigger journal next time and tell you about some of the techniques I have learned and used in it.
At a yard sale this weekend I got 8 stamps for $ 1 each, the total retail for these like new stamps, was over $90 some of the prices were still on them and I know about how much they cost because I have been pricing them at Micheal's. I was doing the happy dance the whole way down the street!! I love yard sales!! I'm a "yard sale gal" !!
I will take some pic's of the paper clips and li'l plastic clips for next time.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010




WEATHER IN FLORIDA: Temp low 32 with high of 60 sunny and some what cool. Nice.
Today my VTT is some old cabinet cards and photo's I picked up at a yard sale. I could not believe my luck....there were about 14 of them and only 50 cents ea. That was a great deal! They usually go high and they are in great demand in the craft/art world. I have already taken them to staples and copied them on to card stock to use in my altered art projects. Also in the pic are some vintage S&P shakers, that I am going to use to put my glitter and German glass glitter in. Much better than plastic tubes that it comes in. And also a box of card with butterfly's, and again for altered art.
I noticed going to yard sales here in Florida , there is not much in the way of old or vintage things.
Not like it is up north. Might be hard for me to get things to post here. Might have to go to antique stores and take pic's to share. Would that be cheating???
Now for what I have been working on. I got the little mini lunch boxes at WM last year after Christmas sale. They and candy in them. Collaged the out sides, and made tags for the inside. The tag was made to hold a small pic and an area on the back for journaling. I have done them with a theme, the one on the right of pic 2 is Easter theme titled "EGG HUNT" spelled out with little beads on the front with a pic of a puppy with bunny ears on! Too cute. I have a couple Christmas ones, one for babies, and a sort of generic one. I did not embellish the others that I have done, could not make up my mind if people wanted them embellished or would they want to do it.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010




MORE CRAFT ROOM WEATHER IN FL: Temp 55 this am - 60 afternoon, with clouds and some rain.
Today's post is about my new found paper crafting. The first pic is a packet I put together for my soon to be esty store. It is an ephemera of old game parts. Very cool in collage work. Its nice to have a bunch of a few different things, that way you don't have to buy a whole game to get one thing. That is if you can even get the older ones, they are not always available. I am going to sell these packets and other crafted things by me and vintage findings. The store should be open by Jan. 1. If you see anything on the blog you might want to buy just contact me. I hope to have a new computer by then, that is what is holding me up, as I don't want to list then not be able to take care of the site, because of computer problems.
The second pic is of a Christmas tag I made this weekend. In the pic I put some of the things I used to make it. The tag itself is one I got in a bag of 10 at the after Christmas sale at WM last year. I knew they would be great to use in altered art. The other thing in the pic is a vintage Christmas card. I used parts of it. Old sheet music, vintage buttons, tea dyed old lace, some stamping etc, and my tag is done. I did add one more thing and that was a vintage hair pin to use to hold a pic if you want to add to the tag. I have fun making these tags! Oh, also on the back I did some stamping and added a small piece of vintage school tablet paper. Remember those old tablets?
And last is the "craft room" a small area in the Florida room. I am not sure how this is going to work out. There is no AC out there, only a fan to keep the air moving, don't know if I can work there in the summer or not. Some times now it's a problem. With the heat and all. Anyone else out there living in Florida, give me any hinds on how to do a craft area? Will things get mill dew in the summer ?
Today at 4 pm I am going to Micheal's, with their 40% of coupon and other specials I am gathering up things needed for collage, and paper crafts. Today they have punches for 40% off and another 15% off from 4to 9 pm. This is the only way to get this stuff when its on sale!! I was there Sat after black Friday and got some great deals at 50 % off plus 20% more of from 12 t0 5 pm. I will show you my loot on next post.
Well as I am sitting here blogging, the sun has come back out. That is one thing great about FL when it rains or storms, as soon as its over the sun is out. Not like good old PA where it stays cloudy and dreary for days and days.
I am making an "Art Learning Journal" I will show you and tell you about it soon. It is fun thing to do, I am making pages on all the things I am learning about collage and paper techniques. I ran across a Utube video on how one women does it and I sure learned alot, cant wait to try all the things she showed. I really want to do some swaps and trades, hope to get into that soon. Not sure how to go about it.
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