Saturday, December 18, 2010


LOOT I GOT AT YARD SALE: This was a great find of, old Christmas books, early 1950's very cool. Then I found some old doily's round ones, and a few in the shape of hart, diamond, spade, really nice fun ephemera. And a couple old books to alter. I loved the old library pocket! These will all be fun working in my altered art projects. MY JUNK JOURNAL





This is my first attempt at making and altered art journal. So I decided to call it my junk journal, and fill it with things that I have and like that are lying around with out a home. Just being moved from place to place. First of all I altered the pages in side making them ready for the new occupants. I used some of the techniques I have learned on the Internet and used in the journals in the last post. One of the techniques was to wrinkle up a page then smooth it out and lightly rub a ink stamp pad over it. In the next to the last page on the left side, I tore up paper and glued it on the page, in one part I tore some tissue paper up and glued it on, it has the gold stars on it. Each page then is distressed with an ink pad. I will show you before and after pic's of some pages as I add to them. This book was a composition book, that I got at the dollar store. The front has a couple pieces of paper added to it, but had some decoration all ready on it. I will be adding more to this front as time goes on and I see something I like. The same with the back it was all red and I put the heart paper on. The ribbon serves a purpose besides being decorative, they help hold the book together as it gets heavier when you add to it. I am having fun working with this book. I have a few things here with me to put in it, as I still have a lot of stuff in PA. I have a few things the G-kids made for me when they were little, and a few cards the kids send me on BD's and Mothers Day.
I would love to join in a few swaps, if anyone reading this knows of any swaps that I could join in please leave a comment! I know its close to Christmas, so not much going on right now with this type of thing, but I would love to join a Valentine swap.
Thanks for looking and come back soon

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