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MORE CRAFT ROOM WEATHER IN FL: Temp 55 this am - 60 afternoon, with clouds and some rain.
Today's post is about my new found paper crafting. The first pic is a packet I put together for my soon to be esty store. It is an ephemera of old game parts. Very cool in collage work. Its nice to have a bunch of a few different things, that way you don't have to buy a whole game to get one thing. That is if you can even get the older ones, they are not always available. I am going to sell these packets and other crafted things by me and vintage findings. The store should be open by Jan. 1. If you see anything on the blog you might want to buy just contact me. I hope to have a new computer by then, that is what is holding me up, as I don't want to list then not be able to take care of the site, because of computer problems.
The second pic is of a Christmas tag I made this weekend. In the pic I put some of the things I used to make it. The tag itself is one I got in a bag of 10 at the after Christmas sale at WM last year. I knew they would be great to use in altered art. The other thing in the pic is a vintage Christmas card. I used parts of it. Old sheet music, vintage buttons, tea dyed old lace, some stamping etc, and my tag is done. I did add one more thing and that was a vintage hair pin to use to hold a pic if you want to add to the tag. I have fun making these tags! Oh, also on the back I did some stamping and added a small piece of vintage school tablet paper. Remember those old tablets?
And last is the "craft room" a small area in the Florida room. I am not sure how this is going to work out. There is no AC out there, only a fan to keep the air moving, don't know if I can work there in the summer or not. Some times now it's a problem. With the heat and all. Anyone else out there living in Florida, give me any hinds on how to do a craft area? Will things get mill dew in the summer ?
Today at 4 pm I am going to Micheal's, with their 40% of coupon and other specials I am gathering up things needed for collage, and paper crafts. Today they have punches for 40% off and another 15% off from 4to 9 pm. This is the only way to get this stuff when its on sale!! I was there Sat after black Friday and got some great deals at 50 % off plus 20% more of from 12 t0 5 pm. I will show you my loot on next post.
Well as I am sitting here blogging, the sun has come back out. That is one thing great about FL when it rains or storms, as soon as its over the sun is out. Not like good old PA where it stays cloudy and dreary for days and days.
I am making an "Art Learning Journal" I will show you and tell you about it soon. It is fun thing to do, I am making pages on all the things I am learning about collage and paper techniques. I ran across a Utube video on how one women does it and I sure learned alot, cant wait to try all the things she showed. I really want to do some swaps and trades, hope to get into that soon. Not sure how to go about it.
Well that's all for now thanks for stopping by and come again
Donna & Maggie too! PS: Click on pic's to make them bigger.

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