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In the first pic is both the journals that I have been working on. The big one was made from a note book that I got at the dollar store. I am making this one for me. Since I really didn't know what I was doing, did not want to put it for sale. A junk journal is, from what I can figure out, is a journal that you make to put things in that you want to keep and don't have anywhere to put it. like maybe things collected on a vacation, a day trip to the movies, any kind of outing that you have picked up some unique things and ideas. It can have things you have seen in magazines, books or photos and want to keep them. Things that make you smile, pleasing for you to look at, keepsakes, and a multitude of other things that I cant think of right now. I guess that it can be made from junk, such as cereal boxes old used books, magazines, the small journal in the pic is a kids chunky book, you know the ones that are made with the thick card board. I forgot to take a before pic, but I got a couple mine chunky books that I will do before pic so you get the idea.
You can cover your pages or any collage projects with old paper of any kind, flash cards, scrap booking paper (this is what I used for these) calenders, text from books, sheet music, junk mail, etc etc you get the idea. Once you start this you will come up with all kinds of ideas and will be hoarding every piece of paper that comes your way.
I covered each page and the front and back with paper. I have some designer clips and paper clips that I picked up at WM on sale. They are to hold things in your book until you get around to pasting and gluing them in, or just to old something that you don't want to glue down.
I did not call this a Junk Journal because I want to put it up for sale and you could very well use this as photo album as well. So I did not put anything on the front, like I did the larger one.
I had so much fun doing these, I got two more chunky books, and a note book to make more. I will be looking at yard sale for more chunky's. I will post on the bigger journal next time and tell you about some of the techniques I have learned and used in it.
At a yard sale this weekend I got 8 stamps for $ 1 each, the total retail for these like new stamps, was over $90 some of the prices were still on them and I know about how much they cost because I have been pricing them at Micheal's. I was doing the happy dance the whole way down the street!! I love yard sales!! I'm a "yard sale gal" !!
I will take some pic's of the paper clips and li'l plastic clips for next time.
Well thats it for now thanks for stopping by, and be sure to stop again

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