Thursday, July 28, 2011


Playing catch up with the tags. This is blue one, shipping tag inked and stamped. Small piece of sheet music, some blue flower paper strip down the side. The ribbon looks black but it is navy blue. And a couple blue vintage buttons.Close up...vintage grandfather clock cut from mag, flowers from some lace, with blue rhinestones. Love my rhinestones! LOL Behind the clock a couple of vintage blue plates cut from a mag. Brown....I think of men in their brown suits, pipes, news papers. Inked and stamped another shipping tag. Added a strip of paper , and a cut out of vintage a man. An owl tag that can be removed was added. In right hand upper corner is an old bingo number o-66 from a vintage game. Found it in the buttons the other day.Close up...with the owl tag removed.....It was nestled behind some soft mesh ribbon, with a couple brown buttons. The owl has a couple of cool rhinestone eyes. On the tag I tried to blotch some ink but didn't work to well I think some blending solution is needed. Oh, there is a little brown sparrow behind the mesh.
Cloudy rainy day, looks like it will be all day rain. Even tho it was raining, went to a couple yard sales and one estate sale. You will never guess what the queen of $5 got. Next post. But I am lov'n it! Been working on a cedar box , those kind you get in a tourist trap store. Going to alter it an make it cool looking! Trying to take pic's so I can show you how I did it. Since watching Utube takes up so much of my Verizon GBits on my puter, I started watching some altered art videos on my Droid phone. Working out well, but sometimes they do not talk loud enough. I wonder if getting an ear piece would help. Not getting much done on the house, I am tired of doing all this heavy work, did that all my life. Now that I am retired, I want to do retired things , fun things. Making me happy things. :) :) :) see....happy faces. LOL. Going to go take pic's of my yard sale finds to show you, thanks for looking and come back soon

Monday, July 25, 2011


Color of Summer tag this week is purple. This is mine. The tag is stamped purple with the crackle stamp and inked. Some torn purple paper down the side with I punched some flowers out of lavender velum and added purple rhinestones. The lady is a pic I got in a bunch of old photos some where. I copied and cut her out, then added some color trying to make her look happier, and put some purple on her. I don't think she looks any happier. Punched out a purple heart and added button with rhinestone. On the top I put some of that tatted lace I got at a yard sale last week. I got an add in the mail and it was advertising some wrist watches so I cut them out and used one here. Put a purple rhinestone in the middle of it. I am having fun doing these, I wonder if it is to late to join the official challenge ? They already did pink, and I am going to play catch up. This one stamp and inked the tag again. Added a large pink flower I cut out of a flower magazine. Found an add with a lady with pink finger nail polish on holding a stop watch. I love those fingers and watch, in fact that's the only thing I cut out of the add. I put some pink rhinestones on each nail and one in the middle of the stop watch. Then in another add, I found these sweet garden gloves, so put then on and added a pink button. I like the way it turned out.

Think I will go check and see if I can join. The Color of Summer. I did join another challenge. Post more on that later, and I will post and show you the crackle stamp.Weather is still the same. Guess that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

I went on over to Kristins blog and joined the color fun, go check it out.



Sunday, July 24, 2011


A couple ATC cards I did in the last few days. Too hot to move about so I sat and did this. I call her Mz. Scarlett. Made using a shipping tag, stamped with my fav, crackle stamp, and inked edges. Then on one half I added part of a vintage post card that had a flower/forrest motif. I cut Mz. Scarlett from an add in a mag, then glued her down. Added mini rhinestone hearts, some fashion yarn. Down the right side a strip of paper with some twisty braid. A little detail and she was finished. I was going to use her in the lady/hat swap but then read it again and it said, lady in a hat so...that's out for this one, she is holding her hat. But I will keep her for another trade, swap or giveaway. So I moved on to this one, didn't think her hat was outstanding enough, she will save her also. Used the shipping tag again. Crackle stamped and inked. Used a pic out of an old book, she is one of our presidents wives but forget which one. Was a black and white pic so I put some color to her, using chalk pencils. With a little mini rhinestone heart necklace. A strip of paper down the left side, open lace with a string of blue and an old key. A piece of corrugated card board, with mesh ribbon on top. Then a blue button with a large rhinestone heart. Some detail and she is also done.Got this in the mail yesterday, from Tee at . I traded her some ephemera for some hand made soap . Coffee flavor. Mmmm good , have not used it yet, to pretty! Thanks Tee I love it!She also sent me a hand made Marie post card. This is the front, way to pretty to use, so I will hang it up when I get back to FL and admire it!This is what's on the back of post card. Just beautiful! Thanks again Tee!!!!Woke up to clouds and scattered thunder storms, so that left out setting up at the flea market. Going to be high 80's again so not sure what I will do today. Maybe a short road trip with Maggie and find some geocache's. So all for now, thanks for looking and come back soon

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Got this in the mail yesterday. My mystery swap from Georgie at don't' you just love the envelope.In side there were lot of goodies to work with. I used a little of everything except some clear cellophane type material, just couldn't make it work. Did not use the little pink tag, will use it on another project I'm sure.And this is the tag I made. Inked and stamped the tag, cut out the rose & flowers from vintage wrapping paper she sent. To a smaller tag she sent I added a small round tag, cut the cherish from another tag, and put it all together with the rope of pearls. Some white ribbon across the top with some rhinestone type embellishments. Some of the same in the lower corner. To the blue flowers I added some mini,mini, bead type things, not sure what you call them. Some Pitt pen doodles and was done. Thanks Georgie I had fun playing with your stuff.Got this box of goodies at a yard sale yesterday for 75 cents. I could not believe she said that price. This was inside bunch of crochet thread, with one being a big ball that weight a pound! Some rick rack and seam binding, and a couple small envelopes with buttons. Also in there was this tiny vintage sewing box. It is 8" X 5" X 3" deep. So sweet, it had a few old zippers and a pin cushion that I could see in the short time I looked before buying it. When I got home and took everything out you will not believe what was in it!!!!BUTTONS !! LOL I had a lot of fun for a couple hrs sitting in the living room trying to cool off in front of the fan playing with and sorting my new treasure. Now I know I am a button collector for sure!
Had a good day even if most of it was spent trying to keep cool.
We did get a smalll thunder storm late afternoon, but very little rain with it. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just wanted to let you in on a great give away by a great artist. Check out Diane's beautiful box she is giving away.

thanks for looking

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I want to show you a couple things here, these are all the buttons that I have collected since I have been in PA. this summer. Never collected so many in such a short time. I guess with all that I have in FL you could now call me a button collector. Pink and red in one jar, blue and green in another, and different and fancy in the other. All white and dark in the tin.

The other thing I want to show was how I fancied up the everyday jars. These jars had ugly lids, so I spray painted the white and decoupaged some flowers on them. The jar on the right has some fashion yarn in it. I think I am going to be using a lot of this kind of thing for storage in my studio.Here is a close up of the tops.Kristin at is having a Color of Summer Challenge and every week she gives a new color prompt to make something. I did not join officially but now I would like to do it so I think I will just play along on my own. So I jumped in this week with the color being red. Here is what I made. Using a shipping tag, I stamped it with the crackle stamp with red ink. Then inked the edges. I added the vintage wash girl, I found her in an old album I got at a flea market. Someone had cut out a bunch of things and glued them in the album, there were a few of these. It was an album with the old black pages, remember those? Then I used some ribbon I got in one of my swaps, added some red rhinestone bubbles, a few birds flying around to help make her wash day fun! A red button set in red glitter glue on the wash bucket and a red rhinestone heart in the corner. I used red fashion yarn and red beads for the tag hanger. Some detail using the Pitt pens and I think it's done.Isn't she sweet, I think now I should have copied her before using her. Still hot here, I worked on some art yesterday afternoon, it was really to hot to do anything else. I took the paper towel tubes I had, and cut them up and covered them so they are all ready to decorate. I want to make a bunch of the pouches. I plan on selling them at a show, they make great money or gift card holders. I would like to do a few more swaps, anyone out there know of any that just started? Please ...leave me a comment. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessing Donna

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Got mail yesterday, don't you just love mail with packages in it. My partners were Michele and Ashley Wrapped up in pretty red tissue red checked ties.And in side was this lovely altered spoon. It has a great patina on it, with flowers deco on the bowl with glitter. Handle has buttons, ribbon roses and tulle bow.Close up of the spoon. Thanks girls I love it! Tee at hosted this swap. Check out her blog, lot of lovely stuff she does.Yard sale finds for altered art projects. I love it when I come across buttons still on the original tags. I think these are from the 60's. Got all these in one package for only 15 cents. Good find I think!Another great find was the bundle of tatted lace. For only $1.00. Someone once tried to teach me how to tat, all I ever ended up with was a bunch of knots. So I appreciate this prize!Close up. The weather here is so hot, and I have no A/C. This kind of weather makes me sluggish and no energy to do anything. The mornings are not too bad, so I do most of what gets done is then. Well that's all thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Mystery swap package came in the mail wrapped in sewing pattern paper!I couldn't wait to open it! Look at all the goodies, in color I usually reserve for fall. But I do love fall color.And this is the tag I made. used some paper and ribbon on the base of tag. She sent a pic of a dad and his baby, I punched a heart of them with some text under. Fran sent some rusty stuff, I used the rusty safety pin in the tag holder along with orange ribbon and twine. With a rusty key and washer. Material I cut out a couple of flowers and put orange rhinestone in the middle. A rusty paper clip and spring holding a bird feather on the tag. Some cloth flower type ribbon down the middle and across the top. And a couple of orange buttons. :)Close up of the top of tag.Close up of bottom of tag.Two things I just could not fit on the tag. But I will be using them on something. A cloth heart and sticky flower.This is my first ATC card. I hope to send it a swap. I cut the card from shipping tag, but think I will find something else to use that's not so pricey. Stamped it with my new crackle stamp (40% off) then stamped with a dot stamp and inked the edges. Stamped a Eiffel tower also. Some star tissue paper was added with a pretty vintage Paris girl. Put on a Paris banner I had, and some fashion yarn,a few star rhinestones, some detail with the pitt pens and done.
Tee from this swap and my swap partner was Fran from
I messed up on this swap , and sent too much stuff, I did not read the tag, atc, etc part LOL.
So Fran has a lot for many projects. Thanks Tee for this swap and thanks Fran for the fun I had making this tag with your goodies.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is the match box I sent to Victoria at in the swap hosted by Tee. Went with the shabby pink this time. A peak in side!On one side stamped bird on vintage sheet music. And some pink tissue paper.Here is a close up of the goodies inside. WEATHER IN GREENVILLE PA: Hot in the high 80's with some rain yesterday. Not much. I seem to be having some problems with blogger, I don't think it is my puter as it is new. Going to a couple yard sales this am then clean up my work area and maybe work on something. Having fridge problems so I took everything out and cooked most of it. Have to make some blueberry cobbler when I get back. Altered the glass case but still not happy with it. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Got my match box swap in the mail today! Flowers, rhinestones, old skeleton keys.... sweet!008Filled with goodies!


Who would believe you could get all this in that little box


All kinds of altered art projects in there!013011And more!012

Mail man made my day today, with this package from my match box swap partner. Victoria at it is truly amazing what you can get in one of those boxes.I do love these swaps !!! Today I worked on some art , altering an eye glass case. I was just wondering if these might be something to make and sell at a craft show, thought I would try making one. Not to happy with it yet, still work to do on it. I am having problems logging on the this anyone else having problems logging on? To my blog.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings Donna