Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Got mail yesterday, don't you just love mail with packages in it. My partners were Michele and Ashley http://thetatteredquiltcottage.blogspot.com/ Wrapped up in pretty red tissue red checked ties.And in side was this lovely altered spoon. It has a great patina on it, with flowers deco on the bowl with glitter. Handle has buttons, ribbon roses and tulle bow.Close up of the spoon. Thanks girls I love it! Tee at http://creationsbytee.blogspot.com/ hosted this swap. Check out her blog, lot of lovely stuff she does.Yard sale finds for altered art projects. I love it when I come across buttons still on the original tags. I think these are from the 60's. Got all these in one package for only 15 cents. Good find I think!Another great find was the bundle of tatted lace. For only $1.00. Someone once tried to teach me how to tat, all I ever ended up with was a bunch of knots. So I appreciate this prize!Close up. The weather here is so hot, and I have no A/C. This kind of weather makes me sluggish and no energy to do anything. The mornings are not too bad, so I do most of what gets done is then. Well that's all thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

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  1. I love your spoon you received from the swap!
    I even got my mom to try it! (After a lot of nudging!) She made 2 altered spoons and they turned out great! I had fun altering them! Maybe we could do a fork or knife swap?
    And I love your Finds!! I gotta get out more! I would love to find some great de-stash items!!
    I do hope this weather lets up a little.. Soon! Way too humid! Hugs,Tee