Wednesday, July 6, 2011


008Hi everyone, worked on this box that has been rolling around my house. I was found a few years ago, figured I would do something with it at some point. I have been purging and getting stuff gathered up for they tag/yard sale and almost pitched this box. But some how it ended up on my work table so I just did it. On the top I used a magazine pic of a vintage lady, and used one of the watch faces I got when waiting for my new muffler.

I covered the whole box with old hand written letters I got at a yard sale, and pages from and old book. On the front top I had some left over mini rusty tin stars glued them on. Put on one of my stamped and colored with chalk pencils butterflies. Old one cent stamp .003

004On this end of the box put punched heart from the letter, and old blue button, with some vintage lace on top.

005On the other end a cut out bird some sheet music, and fake rhinestone. I still have a hard time with this live writer. I put 5 pic’s on so lets find out if they all show up. Yesterday they did not. Tomorro my swap partner should have gotten her match box so I will post on that.

I wonder what you all do when you sit down to so some art work. I have a hard time figureing out what to use. Do you all look over all your supplies and then gather up what to use and go from there? Or do you figure out a theme and go that way? I have a problem in this area. Please give me some feed back thanks Welll that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Blessings Donna


  1. Love it!!
    You are very creative, love the altered art box :]

  2. Hi Donna I am Fran. your Mystery Swap partner! I am so excited about this one! So guess what I have an envelope full of some goodies in my favorite colors and style I am sending you. I am looking forward to what you come up with!! Can't wait to get yours too!! Let me know what you like!! Your art box is really cool!! You did a great job on it!! Take care, XO Fran.