Thursday, January 27, 2011


PAINTED PAPER : Painted with a brush , gold, blue , dark red paint. Used some punchanella, to make those little circles, not a good job, but then in altered art what is a good job. There is some stamping, then I sprayed some blue paint and mushed it around a bit. These papers are done in my learning journal, as I am learning how to do this stuff.
PAINTED PAPER : Painted with an old credit card, then I use some mesh ribbon to make the cross hatch marks. I used a scrunched up ball of wax paper to make some gold splash marks. This is a page in my learning journal. Its not finished I want to do some stamping on it and then it will be ready to embellish and journal on.
PAINTED PAPER : This one was also painted with a credit card. Green, blue, and gold were the colors used. While it was still wet I used the bottom of two different sized paint bottles to make the circles. This one is not finished yet either, not sure what I want to add to it yet. Maybe stamps.

PAINTED PAPER: This is the last one I did today, it was painted with the credit card again using black and white paint. It is pretty bold so I am not sure what to do with it.

GUY # 1 : These are two guys I met yesterday while shopping at Old Time Pottery. If I had a printer I would print them out and use them as back grounds in my altered art. I thought they were pretty cool looking. They are large sun made of metal to hang on the wall. I would use them out side here in FL. I was just looking to see what new they were getting in for spring, did not buy anything.

GUY #2
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: Temp 65 with sun and wind. But still a great day. Especially when looking at the rest of the country's weather.
Went to the gym today, I only went 3 days this week, I hurt something last week so I am cooling it down this week and doing my workout with less weight. I think was in too big a hurry. Today it went much better. Picked up a few things at WM what would we do with it. WM that is.
Found out why Maggie has been acting so strange, this morning after our walk, I looked at her hip and found another hot spot. I was not there yesterday. I have been after her all day to leave it alone, which being a dog, she just wants to lick it to death and that is what makes it worse. I sure wish I knew what was causing these .
Tomorrow I am taking her and going to some yard sales and do a couple geocaches. She misses her "ride in the truck". At home she was used to taking at least one ride a day. Not now.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011





THE CACHE BISON TUBE WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA: Temp 65 lot of nasty storms last nite. But nice today sun/clouds and breezy.
Went to an antique show last Friday, and found some vintage pins to show for my VTT. They are not mine but I am pretty much vintage items, might have a few more in PA. I will find them this summer when I clean out. I did find some pic's on my puter of some vintage that I sold on ebay a few years ago so I will use those also. I am trying to clean up my puter for more disk space and found them. So back to the pins, this lady (Lori) had such neat vintage stuff. When I seen how she had the pins displayed I just had to ask if I could take some pic's for my blog. She is not into blog so I told her about them and how to find this blog on google. The first pic is of enamel pins displayed on a denim jacket. The jacket made the perfect display! You can click in the pic to make them bigger. The second one is vintage rhinestone pins displayed on a black jacket, I think it might have been velvet not sure. Very nice lady and she had some great stuff.
The show was nice, high end antique show with high prices. I often wonder how much they sell at the shows now days. I did see some sales being made but not many. Even tho there was lot of peeps there.
Made me miss my store. :(
The geocache of the day we found a while ago. Was pretty easy, the hint was something about diamonds, so when I pulled up to the site, was not hard to figure out. Click on the pic and see the diamonds close up. Walked up to then and it was just hanging there. The end of a dead end road.
Yesterday I worked on my altered art. Trying some new technique's. I tried to do a gel medium transfer, I got the technique down right but it did not come out to good. I started a page in my learning journal. No pic's yet not enough done on it. Will show you soon.
Maggie is acting strange again I don't know what it is with her, other than she is a sensitive and emotional puppy. People say dogs cant be like that, but believe me they can, they don't know the Papillon Princess Maggie!!
Forgot to redo my AAA so did that today, and went to Tractor Supply got Maggie her Front Line Plus, it is $20 cheaper there than Pet Smart. Went to my new bank down here, made a deposit.
I put myself on a budget, so I can start saving some $$ I still have expenses to pay in PA like house stuff, so I need to be care full, and besides that I need a new puter and printer. So need to save for that.
The tomato plants took a big hit with the cold weather even tho they were covered. So I ask dad if he was going to plant more, he said no, that he never did for the summer. Well I said its a long way to summer so I thought I would buy a couple of larger plants already started. Mr. Tight Wad said they cost to much , I says I'm not buy a bunch (like he has planted now) just a few. I said with the frame you have for your frost covers, I could put up something to use to shade them when it gets hot here. So low and behold didn't he come dragging a tomato pot home the other day.
I said I thought you said they cost to much.....he lol and said this pot had two in it so I got it. Like 1/2 price. LOL I am going to get a couple more.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011


DIGGING OUT: Yesterday working out in the back yard. These aloe plants seem to grow wild down here. When dad first moved here 15 years ago he said there were hundreds of these in the back yard. He dug out several hindered and put them out for the trash man. He said some guy in a pick up came along and took them all! I bet he was going to sell them to some nursery. Any way there is still this bunch that keep growing back. This is whats left after I dug out 1/2 of them. I am going to dig a few more out this year. And keep a few. Good thing about digging in Florida is it is all sand! But these guys have big roots like a yucca plant has, you have to cut them with the shovel. If anyone is around I would be glad to give you some. Also started to clean off the patio so we can power wash it and clean the patio furniture. More on the project next post.

SAW YESTERDAY: Saw this guy yesterday when Maggie and I were taking a walk at our local park, I think I have posted pic's of this park in my other blog, I might still post some here. I don't know what he is, but he sure was pretty and cool to see. He would not let me get to close, so with my cheapo camera this is the best I could do. I want a camera like Judy and Emma , not that I could take great pic's like she does!

ANOTHER PARK FOUND CACHE: This is another one of those parks located all over Melbourne. This one had a cache hiding in a tree. The GPS took us right to the spot all I had to do was locate it. Looked all over down low then looked up and there it was hiding in a tree. I just love these little parks and they all seem to have a cache n them. If it wasn't for geocaching I would never know the were here.


THE CACHE WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Woke up to sunshine and warm this am. Temp 70's. By late after noon clouds started to roll in. Getting storms over nite and into tomorrow.
I still am going to the gym every morning, and trying to watch what I eat. Just going for a week has made a difference in my energy level, I cant believe how good I am feeling already. Now to lose this fat. lol
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Donna & Maggie too.
I see PA is going to get some snow tonite.....sorry lol

Wednesday, January 19, 2011







WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL : TEMP 78 We woke up to to rain this AM but by 10 it was hot and sunny.

Today I found some red kitchen thingies pic's on my puter from last summer. So I thought I would join in on VTT today. I am running out of vintage things.

First is a square Pyrex bowl sitting on a red checked table runner from the 40-50's. I love that red checked stuff, and I did find some napkins a few weeks ago at a yard sale down here in FL.

Next is a really great book with vintage kitchen ware in it, I love it. If you ever see one get it you will not be sorry. You will love just looking at it just for the pleasure, let alone looking up your vintage kitchen items. Eye candy for sure.

Then there is 1/2 of a cookie jar made by Hall China Co. expressly for Kraft Food Made in the USA that's what is on the bottom. When I looked this up it was listed for 350.00 with the lid. As you can see I don't have the lid. I hung on to it for years hoping I would run across one, but never did and finally sold it at a flea market. Made some $$ on it but nothing near 350.

And then there is my sweetie 50's hand crochet dress pot holder. Love these little things.

Then there is a vintage valance that I still have and going to hang in the kitchen here. There is a vintage food grinder on the left side of pic.
I am going to a antique show on Friday maybe I can get some cool pic's of vintage there. To keep me in the VTT.
Today I started two altered art journals, the blue one I got at yard sale for a buck! It is a great journal, worth way more that a $1. So I started gluing page together today, there are a lot of them and I need to condense them to make it manageable when its full. The other one is a mini craft paper book. I got a bunch of these when I worked at a craft store in PA. Did not know what I was going to do with them but they were so cheap like 10 cents, I could not pass them up. This is the first time I have tried anything with them. This one is going to be a mini travel journal, since the piece of old atlas paper is the first thing I picked up in one of my paper piles.I am learning to be more spontaneous in my art instead of trying to thinking it to death.
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Monday, January 17, 2011


OLD ALMANAC'S : Here are a couple of old almanac's I picked up at a flea market this summer in PA. I paid more than I normally would but hope to make my money back selling on Esty and then get to use part of them on my own altered art. I have seen them since for a lot more than I paid so maybe I did get an ok deal. They are from 1912 and 1949. I was looking for one from 1945 the year I was born, but no luck.

WHEELED CART: This is the cart I got at a yard sale the other day. It was only $5 I got a good deal here that's for sure! It has wheels and is in like new condition. It seems like I get a lot of good stuff for $5. Dad always ask me when I get home what did I get for $5 today. lol I got some card board at WM to put on the shelves. They are those boxes that they have under a display of cans, like soup, like these were. I just condense a couple so I can get the box. I said in my last post how I was going to use it. I am really pleased with it!



THE CACHE WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Weather today was not so good. Warm 70's but had storms with tornado warnings all afternoon. I think we got about an inch of rain.
The cache today was found last week in one of those parks that seem to be around every Conner here in Melbourne. I love them. You can stop and enjoy them at anytime. This day we went out caching there were 5 caches we found in these 5 little parks. There is one little park by WM that I stop at often just to sit and watch the birds and eat lunch. The other day (didn't have camera again) one brave little Ibis bird jumped right on my hood and was look at me face to face, I think he has a habit of doing this, as he was not afraid at all. He was a little different than the others as he had a lot of brown feathers.
Any way back to the cache this was an easy find, GPS took me right to it, but I had to wait out a couple muggles with kids playing on swings. But it is nice in these parks so Maggie and I walked around checking it out.
I really need to start taking my camera with me all the time. Like this am when taking Maggie out for her business walk, right over the tree tops in front of my face there was a large bird carrying a fish in his claws. Now how often do you see that while walking on your street. Not in Pa that's for sure. I can not tell you what kind of bird it was, 1. I don't know my birds, and 2. I could not see it against the sky that well.
Went to the gym today and really glad I signed up. I only have been going since last Friday and I already like the way I feel. Its great! I only live about 1 mile away so I think will go everyday. I do a 30 min work out that they have set up. Makes it easy you don't have to figure out what machines and what order to use them. It is all laid out for you. I just have to remember how many lbs on which machines.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011




WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Nice today. 70's sunny and warm.
Well I finally did it! Signed up at Planet Fitness on Friday. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time, years in fact. Back in 03 when I was in auto accident and had to go for therapy I
just continued on with the gym for about a year. Then for some stupid reason I quit. Dumb, because I never felt better as when I was going to gym. LOL , boy did I notice a big difference from before and now. Big fat belly gets in the way when on some of the machines! Any way I am committed for 1 year. Losing weight is another goal for this year. But need to get this going right now. By the way this place is really cheap ! $10 a month, back in PA where I lived it was $55 a mon. and that was a senior discount! Not a Planet Fitness there.
Been working on my art every day, here is a pic of some painted paper I made this week. I just use my acrylic paint I had from before, and made it using the Best By add in the Sunday paper.
I learned that from ready my art blogs, you can make hand painted paper for your altered art using any kind of paper. I made a few more pages in my Junk Journal, I will post soon. I found a rolling wire cart at a yard sale yesterday 5 bucks. I plan on using it to go back and forth from Florida / art room to my room in the house. When its too hot or too cold I can not work out there. So I will take the cart to where ever ,filled with what I am working on. I would love to have A/C out there because its more hot than cold. A few days in Dec. & Jan. that's all the cold here.
I went to an art show this AM over at the beach. Lot of nice booths, forgot my camera. After that I walked on the beach for awhile, seen a guy using a metal detector and stopped to talk with him. As we were talking I was not paying attention and big wave came in and got me wet from the knees down, was a little cold but not bad. The guy was telling me he just got started beach combing not finding much .. But he did say a fellow out there yesterday found 5 rings. I have always wanted to do that. When my kids were little I got them one for Christmas one time, we had fun with that. I think that will be something for the future when I have "EXTRA" LOL money.
The cache of the day is one found last week at a toy store. Was pretty easy to find, had to wait out a employee muggler, gathering up shopping carts. My GPS was off a little but I found it!
Off to watch my STEELERS Beat the crap outa the black birds LOL
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011




This is a new page in my learning journal. It reflex how I have been feeling about myself. Always hungry, over weight, more like "FAT". I am 65 and can not go on like this. So to start I put in a page for my journal. ( We R what we eat. ) First off I tried a technique from the Internet painting the back ground with acrylic paint. I used lime green. You just kinda slop it on. Its not ment t o be perfect. Then I used a couple of my new stamps I got at a yard sale and stamped all over the green. Also learned about putting a border around your page from cut up papers of any kind. I used some magazine pages, some strips of paper I cut from a paper I painted, and even some ribbon. Then I gathered up all the food clippings I had and just started applying them. I am still working on it. I wonder when a page is considered done? I put the big lips on the pizza head, considering that might be my big mouth, lol. Wanting to be filled with food.
I went to Goodwill and found some ephemera. An old stamp wholesale catalog with very nice colored pic's of the stamps. an old library book, about a bunny cut plain graphics. I found Goodwill a wealth of books for altered art. Especially kids books.
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