Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is a basket that I put together for my friend Pearl to take with her to a show she is doing this fall. I will not be able to do the show and she wanted me to make this up to see if it might be anything the people might like to buy. I think I will be doing a show with her next yr. I used dads shredder to shred some sheet music to use as a base to set my items on. Then just put my stuff in, I just got this basket at a yard sale, and it fits the bill perfect. I filled it with a few things I made this winter. Post cards left from the post card swap. I made to many it was such fun making them. The vintage bottles I altered ( posted about them a few post ago) One of my little fat page art journals, and a couple of those mini lunch box photo albums. I also posted about them before. Click on the pic to see detail. Here is a close up of the things in basket. I am trying to be a little artful taking my pic's because of the poor job el'cheapo camera does. lol I look at the pic some of the other altered art blogs and try and do what they do. Not as good yet but much better I think. I am trying to look at things differently thru the lens.

More close up from a different angle.

Pic of the two mini lunch boxes, they have altered tags in side for you to put your fav photos on like a mini album. They are fun to make but very work intensive. Lot of time involved. Altered vintage bottle in front of them and vintage altered post cards in back. Well this is the second post of the day and the second time I did this post. First time was almost done and it disappeared on me. Made sure I saved it often this time. With my old computer I did not have this problem. Not sure what is going on.

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PAINT: Look at this great deal I got today. Went yard saling with Maggie, and found some wonderful finds. I was telling my friend the other day my old paint is running low and I was soon going to have to buy some new. Well here is what I got for less than 20 cents a tube. It is Liquitex Basics that run $5.00 a tube at Micheal's. All are at least 3/4 full and a couple new unused. Got them and a few other markers and a tool box tote. Doing the "happy yard sale dance"

And yet more goodies! These acrylic block are expensive and I refuse to buy them. And I found a two sets of them at a yard sale at 50 cents each set. I could not believe my ears when he said 50 cents! And beside them was a package "jelly" acrylic stamps. Also 50 cents. More happy dancing!

And I got some findings for my altered art. Got all this sea glass for 25 cents. It is very hard to find sea glass at the beach in this area. A lot of green and clear in this bunch. It will be great to use in my art projects. In the mean time it will be pretty to look at in a clear glass container.

There was one piece of blue in the bunch.

And one what use to be a cats eye marble. Now its all frosted like the rest of the sea glass. If you look close you can see the yellow streak of the cats eye

I am packing up and getting read to leave. So I am not working on much right now. I did work in a book on Thur. with Pearl. It was our last art day until I come back. I do have some things to share with you so I will keep posting and when I get settled in PA I plan on just not working all the time. I think my DIL is interested in doing some altered art so I hope to be doing some with her and showing her a few things about it.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Went to an art show in down town Melbourne on Sunday morning. I met an mixed medium/altered art artist. She had some really great work. This is a pic of her booth. And a few pic's of her work. You know the reputation of my cheapo camera and it lives up to that in these pic's. I wish I had better to show you because it is really great stuff. And dummy me did not write a small description either.

Roberta Thomas mixed medium artist. I also forgot to ask her for a blog site or web site.
If you are reading this Roberta please email me with that info and I will add it to my blog.

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Friday, April 22, 2011


I have been busy this week punching with these punches. I got a couple from Pearl and want to get a bunch of punch outs before I go to PA. These are things that you can add to your altered art.

These tiny flowers are so sweet. I will be using these alot!

These are great fillers on your altered art

I have a ton of velum and even used that for some cute hearts

Really made a haul at an estate sale this morning! I got there late and they were just wanting to get rid of stuff by then. So I got these 7 canvases for $1! They and 10,15,and 20 on them.

I like this one, just wish it was red poppies and not orange. I might try and add some red to them before I alter it. If it turns out ok I will hang it and look at it for awhile.

Canvas loot I got today. Hit the jackpot! $1.00 each!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Went to Pearl's yesterday and she helped me with spry painting the two canvases I got for 25 and 75 cents at yard sales last week. I need a mask when spray painting so Pearl did that for me. We picked out some paint and some stencils to use and she went at it. I really like the way they turned out.

Close up there was some texture on the big canvas and I decided to leave it there. you can see it in this close up.

I got a coaster or something like that in the shape of the sun at a yard sale. I used it as a stencil here is a close up of it in the corner of the canvas. I have never done this before and have know idea what to put on this.

This is the smaller canvas you can see all the layers of paint and stencils. I added some circles and dobs of paint to it today. I also went over both of them with gesso to tone them down a bit. I think when they are done and I put a sealer/ finish on them everything will pop. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Temp today low 80's and plenty of sun shine.

I sure wish had a new camera this pic's are bad. But I have to get a new puter, mine is almost dead. Went looking today found a good deal at Best Buy.

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Monday, April 18, 2011


Here is a page from my junk jurnal that I did the last few days. I used some of my new hand made paper using the wax paper and napkins. I painted the back ground with spray paint then aded a layer of water color crayon and then a layer of acrylic. Then glued down the wax paper. The fancy girl is a chip borad cut out. I found a package of 6 different girls at a yard sale last weekend. I have since added a few other items, I will show you when done. I think it will be called "The Butterfly Garden Girl"
A close up of the girl. I think they are suppose to be movie stars of old. Not sure.
Close up of the hand made paper. This is going to be a short post. Thanks for looking and come back soon!



Saturday, April 16, 2011


I seen on a blog a technique on making paper using wax paper and napkins and tissue paper. So thought I would try my hand at it. I only had a few napkins with graphics on them mainly roses and flowers. But had a bunch of tissue paper. What you do is glue the napkins and tissue paper to the wax paper. Firs covering the wax paper with glue or mod podge, then gluing down the papers. Covering every thing with a layer of mod podge at least that is what I used.
I really like the way they turned out and plan on using this technique with other medium. What I don't know yet but I am sure there other ideas some where in my artistic brain . LOL I have used one piece of it in my junk journal, when I get the page done I will show you.
Got two more post cards this week, this first one is from Carol in NY. She has several layers on it looks like some stamping with the bubble wrap, some stickers, and the butter fly is cut from a picture she took of a quilt she made. How cool is that! Very colorful rick rack is some sewing done on the card. Thanks for the great card Carol! I do not see a blog for her.
This card is from Sam, and she lives in Australia! Several layers here also with some textured painting, and cut outs. Some stamping with what looks like punchanella. A very interesting post card. Thanks for the great card. I see no blog for her either. Very hot here in Melbourne FL today. I went to yard sales with Pearl this AM but have been inside all afternoon. I will be posting yard sale finds on my other blog be sure and check it out.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I found these canvases at a yard sale 75&25 cents! Can't beat that! I plan on painting over them with some altered art , not sure what yet. The one on top with what looks like sunflowers has a lot of goopy texture on it, not sure what they were trying to do on that one. The one on the bottom is a nice painting with a sweet girl in a wild flower pasture. I might hang this one up for awhile. It will be sometime before I get to it, but I could not pass it up at this time with a price of 75 cents. Got a bunch of old round head cloths pins a few weeks ago at a yard sale. So I wrapped some of my vintage and new lace around them. They look like sweet little girls all bundled up in lace blankets. Anyway that's my story on them. The vase I found lying around here it is new not old. Looks old tho.
I got more post cards in the mail. I have 4 more to get then I'll have my 10. This one is from Shelly and she lives in Canada. Looks like these (" chilly Canadian roses as she calls them") are done in water colors. This is really a pretty card and I think this would make a beautiful back ground for and art journal page. I cant find a blog for her, so Shelly if you have one please post it in the comments here. Thanks for the post card!

This creative post card is from Betsy and she lives in GA. She was at a writing retreat when she sent this. Boy does that sound like fun. I need help in that area. It looks like she has many layers on this card. Her web site is She said she would explain the process on her site. Thanks for the card.
Another creative post card this time a little different. A very nice play on words done on the computer. I have not done much computer art but I sure would like to when I get a new computer that is. This is from Deborah and she lives in IN. Thanks for the unique post card. Well that's it for now thanks for looking. All comments are welcome :)



Monday, April 11, 2011


POST CARD FROM THE UK : This first post card is from in the UK. She has several layers , I think she described how on her blog. Love it. Like the pic in the middle taken with her iPhone. Thanks Sandra for the great card!
SWEET LITTLE GIRL: on a thousand mile trip. I am not sure where this one came from. But she sure is sweet! Thanks Anita for the wonderful post card.
A DOVE & BUTTERFLY'S : This card is a unique post card in the the fact that it opens up! Made and sent to me from Rachel at Cool post card thanks Rachel!
WHAT I STARTED WITH: I posed about this several days ago and I thought I would show you the finished project.
FINISHED: I think! I wish that the color would show up better. I guess if I had a better camera it would. The frame is painted black with regular craft paint, with some fashion yarn around it.I told you about the coloring of the girls in the other post. I added an old key tied with yarn. Stamped around the girls with one of my new jelly stamps. At the bottom is circle cut outs from and old paper doily. And put a lavender rhinestone button on the doily. I named it Forever Sisters. Cut the forever from magazine, and painted the word sisters with a Sharpie Paint Pen. It is very faint going down the right side.
CLOSE UP OF THE TOP: In this pic you can see the stamped pocket watches. I was thinking of putting the word "in" before the watches, making the title Forever in (time) the (watches) Sisters. What do you think any comments ?
CLOSE UP OF BOTTOM WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL.: HOT HOT AND HOT! In the 90's last few days, and wall to wall sun. Cool down to the 80's tomorrow. lol

I have started to weed out and pack up the Florida room. It will be to hot and muggy this summer to leave stuff in there. Especially when I cant keep my eye on it. So I am going to take with me a few things to work on and pack up the rest in totes. I ask dad if his friend Ron might be able to put an AC in there. We have a window one just sitting on the back patio. I plugged it in and it works, so I am hoping he can fix it up for me.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


SPECIAL EFFECTS : Here is the special effects I did on my altered challenge that Pearl and I did a couple weeks ago. I did it in my old MGI Photo Suite, that cam with my first digital camera by Sony. I love that camera it took the best pic ever, but it is obsolete using the old floppy disk. This is done with the "fun effects" mode. I like it as much as the original. Click on it so you can see all the detail.
Preparing bingo cards, flash cards, playing cards so I can alter them.
More prep work.
I found this heart shaped deck of playing cards. Just had to buy them! They will be fun to use, especially in an Alice in Wonder Land swap or challenge. Queen of hearts on a heart shaped card ....too cool!
KING SIZE CARDS : And this deck of playing cards is just too much fun. They are giant in size. I have laid a normal deck of cards beside them so you can see just how big they are! WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: Temp 79 today all sun and beautiful.

Pearl came over today and we played around with the altered art. We worked on our altered books we started a couple weeks ago. Hers is much better off than mine, and today I just could not get with it. So not much got done on it. And I forgot to take pic's. I am going to her place next week and help her set up a blog for her altered art. She will be able to network with others easier with a blog than with her web site. I will post a link here when it gets going.

Tomorrow Maggie and I will hit some yard sales in the morning , then I will get back to the gym and get a hair cut. I haven't been to the gym since Mon. I was cleaning out the fridge, sitting on a stool , lost my balance and fell flat on my hip! Its feeling much better now.

I will be heading to PA in about 6 wks. Boy did this 6 months go fast! But I am glad to be getting back to see my family and get busy on the house. I will be in PA only about 3 months and I have a lot to do.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


3 VINTAGE BOTTLES: Three little vintage bottles I altered yesterday. I have a bunch of these in PA, going to have fun doing these! They have some of the vintage wrapping paper on the main body of the bottle. One has some very old sheet music on it. So old that it was falling apart as it tried to glue it on. Then I used old buttons and other embellishment's. I love the way they turned out.
DOING SOMETHING: I planed on doing something with this today, got started will show you next post. The pic is a copy I made at staples on card stock. It was black and white and I want to see what pastel chalk and what water color pencils would do also. First I used the chalk pencils on the girls pink top. I could not get it to blend well at all , so I don't think I like doing that. Went to the water color pencils with the blue dress. That worked out great. Did a little blush on the face of each and hands. Got the frame at a yard sale for 50 cents. I am liking the way it is turning out so far. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Temp today was 70 sunny great day. Going to warm up tomorrow.

Pearl is coming in the morning for another art day. Can't wait to see what we do. Last time we were able to work on the patio but I think it will be to windy for that tomorrow.

I sent Andria her altered vintage post card, she was the give away winner. Hope she likes it.

It was fun doing the give away, but not many made a comment. I know people are reading my blog I sure would like to know why not many comments for the give away. Any one want to comment on this?

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