Thursday, April 7, 2011


SPECIAL EFFECTS : Here is the special effects I did on my altered challenge that Pearl and I did a couple weeks ago. I did it in my old MGI Photo Suite, that cam with my first digital camera by Sony. I love that camera it took the best pic ever, but it is obsolete using the old floppy disk. This is done with the "fun effects" mode. I like it as much as the original. Click on it so you can see all the detail.
Preparing bingo cards, flash cards, playing cards so I can alter them.
More prep work.
I found this heart shaped deck of playing cards. Just had to buy them! They will be fun to use, especially in an Alice in Wonder Land swap or challenge. Queen of hearts on a heart shaped card ....too cool!
KING SIZE CARDS : And this deck of playing cards is just too much fun. They are giant in size. I have laid a normal deck of cards beside them so you can see just how big they are! WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: Temp 79 today all sun and beautiful.

Pearl came over today and we played around with the altered art. We worked on our altered books we started a couple weeks ago. Hers is much better off than mine, and today I just could not get with it. So not much got done on it. And I forgot to take pic's. I am going to her place next week and help her set up a blog for her altered art. She will be able to network with others easier with a blog than with her web site. I will post a link here when it gets going.

Tomorrow Maggie and I will hit some yard sales in the morning , then I will get back to the gym and get a hair cut. I haven't been to the gym since Mon. I was cleaning out the fridge, sitting on a stool , lost my balance and fell flat on my hip! Its feeling much better now.

I will be heading to PA in about 6 wks. Boy did this 6 months go fast! But I am glad to be getting back to see my family and get busy on the house. I will be in PA only about 3 months and I have a lot to do.

That's it for now thanks for looking and stop back soon




  1. Hi Donna! I got my postcard this weekend! Thank you so much. I included it in my blog post this evening, which you can see at This was my first giveaway win, and I'm very excited about it! :-)