Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is a basket that I put together for my friend Pearl to take with her to a show she is doing this fall. I will not be able to do the show and she wanted me to make this up to see if it might be anything the people might like to buy. I think I will be doing a show with her next yr. I used dads shredder to shred some sheet music to use as a base to set my items on. Then just put my stuff in, I just got this basket at a yard sale, and it fits the bill perfect. I filled it with a few things I made this winter. Post cards left from the post card swap. I made to many it was such fun making them. The vintage bottles I altered ( posted about them a few post ago) One of my little fat page art journals, and a couple of those mini lunch box photo albums. I also posted about them before. Click on the pic to see detail. Here is a close up of the things in basket. I am trying to be a little artful taking my pic's because of the poor job el'cheapo camera does. lol I look at the pic some of the other altered art blogs and try and do what they do. Not as good yet but much better I think. I am trying to look at things differently thru the lens.

More close up from a different angle.

Pic of the two mini lunch boxes, they have altered tags in side for you to put your fav photos on like a mini album. They are fun to make but very work intensive. Lot of time involved. Altered vintage bottle in front of them and vintage altered post cards in back. Well this is the second post of the day and the second time I did this post. First time was almost done and it disappeared on me. Made sure I saved it often this time. With my old computer I did not have this problem. Not sure what is going on.

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