Saturday, April 30, 2011


PAINT: Look at this great deal I got today. Went yard saling with Maggie, and found some wonderful finds. I was telling my friend the other day my old paint is running low and I was soon going to have to buy some new. Well here is what I got for less than 20 cents a tube. It is Liquitex Basics that run $5.00 a tube at Micheal's. All are at least 3/4 full and a couple new unused. Got them and a few other markers and a tool box tote. Doing the "happy yard sale dance"

And yet more goodies! These acrylic block are expensive and I refuse to buy them. And I found a two sets of them at a yard sale at 50 cents each set. I could not believe my ears when he said 50 cents! And beside them was a package "jelly" acrylic stamps. Also 50 cents. More happy dancing!

And I got some findings for my altered art. Got all this sea glass for 25 cents. It is very hard to find sea glass at the beach in this area. A lot of green and clear in this bunch. It will be great to use in my art projects. In the mean time it will be pretty to look at in a clear glass container.

There was one piece of blue in the bunch.

And one what use to be a cats eye marble. Now its all frosted like the rest of the sea glass. If you look close you can see the yellow streak of the cats eye

I am packing up and getting read to leave. So I am not working on much right now. I did work in a book on Thur. with Pearl. It was our last art day until I come back. I do have some things to share with you so I will keep posting and when I get settled in PA I plan on just not working all the time. I think my DIL is interested in doing some altered art so I hope to be doing some with her and showing her a few things about it.

All for now thanks for stopping by and come back soon



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