Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Went to Pearl's yesterday and she helped me with spry painting the two canvases I got for 25 and 75 cents at yard sales last week. I need a mask when spray painting so Pearl did that for me. We picked out some paint and some stencils to use and she went at it. I really like the way they turned out.

Close up there was some texture on the big canvas and I decided to leave it there. you can see it in this close up.

I got a coaster or something like that in the shape of the sun at a yard sale. I used it as a stencil here is a close up of it in the corner of the canvas. I have never done this before and have know idea what to put on this.

This is the smaller canvas you can see all the layers of paint and stencils. I added some circles and dobs of paint to it today. I also went over both of them with gesso to tone them down a bit. I think when they are done and I put a sealer/ finish on them everything will pop. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Temp today low 80's and plenty of sun shine.

I sure wish had a new camera this pic's are bad. But I have to get a new puter, mine is almost dead. Went looking today found a good deal at Best Buy.

Well that's it for now thanks for looking.



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