Monday, December 28, 2009


HAND PAINTED NECKLACEThought I would post a couple more Christmas pic's since it is snowing like crazy and I am stuck in the house. The first is a pic of my son's family tree, my DIL decorates in the country style and really does a great job... the tree is something else...decorated with all hand crafted ornaments
it really is beautiful.
The second pic is of another item my DD painted for me about 10 ys ago. It is a wood necklace,
she used the Debbie Mitchelle ornaments and down sized them and made the necklace my SIL cut them out with his ban saw. I ware it every Christmas. Don't forget to check out my other blog
Thats all for now...
Blessings to all.

Friday, December 25, 2009



Merry Christmas everyone! This is surly a blessed time of year, the birth of our Savior!
Pic's today are of the nativity my DD painted for me a few years is most beautiful!
She does wonderful work.
And a pic of our Charlie Brown tree this ornaments just a few lites. I did not want a lot
of stuff to put away as I will be leaving next weekend. Today will visit son and family then home to put on a ham...for anyone the my stop by. I will be meeting DD and family in Pittsburgh on Monday going out to eat dinner and exchange gifts. Then will stop at their home on way to FL. Wow can't wait. Check out my other blog to see Maggie's Christmas.
Have a wonderful day
blessings to all

Thursday, December 24, 2009


COOKIES TO GO I don't know if I will make the VTT but I will post anyway. When my son was here painting my
home he was making fun of my vintage thing'ies! I got to thinking about it and figured I might as well use all my vintage instead of just looking at thats what I have been doing. These items are what I used yesterday to make cookies. hmmmmmmmmm wonder if that makes them vintage cookies The two bowls are part of my vintage Pyrex set, then I used a few of my vintage metal cookie cutters, and really old vintage measuring cups, and the old vintage measuring spoons. Using all these things makes me feel good and I like using them. Have a Merry Chirstmas!
blessings to all

Thursday, December 17, 2009


CHERRY CAKE SAVER Hi all this week for VTT I am showing you some of the "rehab" work that I do. A few years ago
I use to sell a lot on ebay....I would take old vintage items and give them a new life. Here are a couple things I would paint.....vintage lunch bucket and vintage cake saver....I would try and get some that were in pretty good shape and the prime, base , and paint my sweet cherries on them.
Cherries were a hot deocrating item at the time and I sold hundreds of items .....but alas all good things come to an end and so did ebay. I don't waste my time trying to sell , I was going to try again but after watching it for a week or so .....changed my mind. I still might try an esty store at some point.
Also I started another blog to post about geocaching and my traveling tales when we start south in Jan. so be sure to check it out...
and dont for get to check out our host blog
blessings to all

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


FRONT ROOM IN MY STORE Thought I would do some vintage Christmas stuff. These are pic of my store in 2004 just before
I retired. The first pic is in the kitchen area, I painted all the walls red and wood work would not believe how people loved it...the would come in and say where is the Red Kitchen and then spend tons of time in there as I had it jam packed with stuff. The white Christmas tree is trimmed with vintage red plastic cookie cutters and a vintage star with mica sprinkled on it. There are a lot of other vintage items there the table was a red and white enamel table you can just see the edge of it. The second pic is of the front rom looking from the check out counter. It is jam packed also as you can see click on to enlarge get a better view. Well thats all for now don't forget to check out our host site
blessings to all

Tuesday, December 1, 2009




OLD ERIE RR STATIONThis is a great little museum train park totally staffed and care takeing by volenteers and they do a great job! They built everything over a period of time a little at a time. It is a great fun place to visit and learn some history. Besides what I have posted they built a small museum houseing a old model T that was build by Greenville Steel Car Co. they built tons of RR cars. All gone now. But at one time they made a few cars. Empire is the name of the car. The old Erie RR station was a bustling station at one time. My uncle was the station master there for many years and my dad worked for the Rail Way Express and made trips unloading and loading train for the RWE. I remember him takeing me to the station when I was a child and I was facinated by the old wood hand carts with the big metal wheels. Still love them now. Another thing from my childhood days was when they would get intresting thing in at the Railway Express he would take us kids down to show us, one thing that stands out in my memory is a little boro (donkey) that was being shipped some where and stopped over at his office. Ahhhhh what one remembers lol. This site also has a geocache located on it. I will post about my finding it on my geocache blog. If we just look around with eyes of a tourist we can find many things in our own area the we take for granted, when we look at them everyday. Well thats all for now.
Check back often as I have found many other things.
blessings to all