Tuesday, December 1, 2009




OLD ERIE RR STATIONThis is a great little museum train park totally staffed and care takeing by volenteers and they do a great job! They built everything over a period of time a little at a time. It is a great fun place to visit and learn some history. Besides what I have posted they built a small museum houseing a old model T that was build by Greenville Steel Car Co. they built tons of RR cars. All gone now. But at one time they made a few cars. Empire is the name of the car. The old Erie RR station was a bustling station at one time. My uncle was the station master there for many years and my dad worked for the Rail Way Express and made trips unloading and loading train for the RWE. I remember him takeing me to the station when I was a child and I was facinated by the old wood hand carts with the big metal wheels. Still love them now. Another thing from my childhood days was when they would get intresting thing in at the Railway Express he would take us kids down to show us, one thing that stands out in my memory is a little boro (donkey) that was being shipped some where and stopped over at his office. Ahhhhh what one remembers lol. This site also has a geocache located on it. I will post about my finding it on my geocache blog. If we just look around with eyes of a tourist we can find many things in our own area the we take for granted, when we look at them everyday. Well thats all for now.
Check back often as I have found many other things.
blessings to all

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