Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hi everyone that still might be around to read my crafty / art b log …I have been traveling the last couple weeks to my home in PA…stopping along the way to visit my DD and family in VA…got to see my G. Granddaughter but she is at a stage were she is afraid of strangers..not seeing me since she was 2 months old….well  that  stranger would be me….so not much snuggling going on there…


It has been a long 10 months with spine/back problems and recovery…but before I left Florida I was able to take a couple quilt block classes at Jo-Ann’s ..This belongs to the quilt wall hanging that I am doing …the last post I made about it was with the cherry blocks…this was a reverse applique block…I am having a little problem with cutting everything square so it fits together right…I love doing this hand work but with the cataracts I have a problem with threading the needle and actually doing the sewing…cant wait until I get these taken care of and can see again…think I will change the color of these heart blocks that will match the cherries better..20150319_201327_resized

Last fall when I made the lemon kitchen set for my daughter one of the things I made was a dish drainer pad…She loved it so much she ask for a few more..so made them and made one for myself…very easy to make …and I found this mini red dish drainer at Family Dollar while taking a driving break on my trip…it works great in my motor home…I had posted this pic on one of my RV FB pages and someone ask for the pattern…well it was something I just made up so I think sometime in the next two weeks I will do a tutorial on this b log for it….

Confused smile


And the rest of the story….

It sure has been a long winter…I was ill with the kidney stone and my spine and back…I am much better now…I really would love to get this b log back up and running on a regular basis …I would like to find some crafty/art swaps to do again  I really enjoyed doing those…I know one thing I will be doing that will be making crafty/art things to sell…I am not sure I could physically do the big set ups that go with the big shows I use to do…but maybe a few smaller ones with lighter inventory…want to do altered art … paper crafting…and some sewing…might do some painting like Christmas ornaments…if anyone is reading this b log please pass the site along to others and maybe some of the swap sites will show up…I am so out of the loop I don’t know any of them at this time…and it you know of some please leave a comment and let me know of some…well have to go for now…blessings to all Donna..