Wednesday, March 10, 2010





Today's VTT is vintage jewelry I had for sale at my yard sale this last weekend. I really want to get rid of it so I had everything real cheap. I sold all the pins and a lot of the necklace's. Not too many earrings, which I usually a lot of. These are what I had left over from my store when I retired 3 yrs ago. I have a little more back home in PA I plan on getting rid of it this summer.
I also found a flea market I can sell at when I come back in the fall. It's up in Cocoa. More my style lots of junk out side and newer stuff inside buildings. My time here in FL is going fast I will be leaving for PA about March 25, and will be coming back sometime this fall. Then I will put my house up for sale and move down here with my dad, he's 85 and could use some help. I really love Florida, so it will be nice.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


ANTIQUE DRESSER WOW! I didn't realize how long since I posted last. Sorry for the time lapse. I have been really busy down here in Florida! I love it here! This is my VTT post I know its early but I have to do it when I can. This is a print from a painting by Corneille Max. Germany 1875-1924 her name is
Anna Bridgitta, and that's all the info I could find out. If anyone knows anything else please comment. The dresser in the other pic is an old antique dressing table, that was in my dads hunting camp for years and years, it now is in my bed room in Florida. It is all oak it was refinished and is beautiful ! I have been here helping my dad, we had a big yard sale for him and did really good you can see pic's of it on my other blog

I also re-habed a couple night stands red white and blue, there are pic of those also. My time here has gone so fast, can't believe it.
It has been the coldest winter in Fl in 50 yrs, figures the winter I come!! I will be heading back to PA in about 23 days , seems like it was just the other day I was counting down the time to leave for FL. I have a few things yet to help dad with before I leave , he wants to hang a new door on the Florida room , seems that the salt from the ocean got to it. I will take pic's when we do it.I will be coming back in the fall.
My DD in VA is deep into the Relay for Life. She is doing fund raisers there and she has a web page for one of the fund raisers. My mother died of breast ca when she was 4o yrs old , in 1969. She is doing this for her, she has a pic of mom on the page a very old pic of her sitting on the bank of a creek with feet in the water, check it out and donate if you would like to help out breast ca research. And thanks in advance. I think next yr I will get involved. Here is the link, I will put it on my side bar if I can figure out how
blessings to all