Saturday, April 16, 2011


I seen on a blog a technique on making paper using wax paper and napkins and tissue paper. So thought I would try my hand at it. I only had a few napkins with graphics on them mainly roses and flowers. But had a bunch of tissue paper. What you do is glue the napkins and tissue paper to the wax paper. Firs covering the wax paper with glue or mod podge, then gluing down the papers. Covering every thing with a layer of mod podge at least that is what I used.
I really like the way they turned out and plan on using this technique with other medium. What I don't know yet but I am sure there other ideas some where in my artistic brain . LOL I have used one piece of it in my junk journal, when I get the page done I will show you.
Got two more post cards this week, this first one is from Carol in NY. She has several layers on it looks like some stamping with the bubble wrap, some stickers, and the butter fly is cut from a picture she took of a quilt she made. How cool is that! Very colorful rick rack is some sewing done on the card. Thanks for the great card Carol! I do not see a blog for her.
This card is from Sam, and she lives in Australia! Several layers here also with some textured painting, and cut outs. Some stamping with what looks like punchanella. A very interesting post card. Thanks for the great card. I see no blog for her either. Very hot here in Melbourne FL today. I went to yard sales with Pearl this AM but have been inside all afternoon. I will be posting yard sale finds on my other blog be sure and check it out.

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