Wednesday, January 26, 2011





THE CACHE BISON TUBE WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA: Temp 65 lot of nasty storms last nite. But nice today sun/clouds and breezy.
Went to an antique show last Friday, and found some vintage pins to show for my VTT. They are not mine but I am pretty much vintage items, might have a few more in PA. I will find them this summer when I clean out. I did find some pic's on my puter of some vintage that I sold on ebay a few years ago so I will use those also. I am trying to clean up my puter for more disk space and found them. So back to the pins, this lady (Lori) had such neat vintage stuff. When I seen how she had the pins displayed I just had to ask if I could take some pic's for my blog. She is not into blog so I told her about them and how to find this blog on google. The first pic is of enamel pins displayed on a denim jacket. The jacket made the perfect display! You can click in the pic to make them bigger. The second one is vintage rhinestone pins displayed on a black jacket, I think it might have been velvet not sure. Very nice lady and she had some great stuff.
The show was nice, high end antique show with high prices. I often wonder how much they sell at the shows now days. I did see some sales being made but not many. Even tho there was lot of peeps there.
Made me miss my store. :(
The geocache of the day we found a while ago. Was pretty easy, the hint was something about diamonds, so when I pulled up to the site, was not hard to figure out. Click on the pic and see the diamonds close up. Walked up to then and it was just hanging there. The end of a dead end road.
Yesterday I worked on my altered art. Trying some new technique's. I tried to do a gel medium transfer, I got the technique down right but it did not come out to good. I started a page in my learning journal. No pic's yet not enough done on it. Will show you soon.
Maggie is acting strange again I don't know what it is with her, other than she is a sensitive and emotional puppy. People say dogs cant be like that, but believe me they can, they don't know the Papillon Princess Maggie!!
Forgot to redo my AAA so did that today, and went to Tractor Supply got Maggie her Front Line Plus, it is $20 cheaper there than Pet Smart. Went to my new bank down here, made a deposit.
I put myself on a budget, so I can start saving some $$ I still have expenses to pay in PA like house stuff, so I need to be care full, and besides that I need a new puter and printer. So need to save for that.
The tomato plants took a big hit with the cold weather even tho they were covered. So I ask dad if he was going to plant more, he said no, that he never did for the summer. Well I said its a long way to summer so I thought I would buy a couple of larger plants already started. Mr. Tight Wad said they cost to much , I says I'm not buy a bunch (like he has planted now) just a few. I said with the frame you have for your frost covers, I could put up something to use to shade them when it gets hot here. So low and behold didn't he come dragging a tomato pot home the other day.
I said I thought you said they cost to much.....he lol and said this pot had two in it so I got it. Like 1/2 price. LOL I am going to get a couple more.
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Well thats all for now, thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. You have been one busy lady. Made me tried reading all you have going on. Wish I had been with you on the antique outing. I love going to them, but why are rather expensive.

  2. I love the vintage pins. Vintage jewelry is one of my favorite things.

  3. I love vintage rhinestone pins. Around here you can get them fairly cheap. I went to an Antique show last weekend here in Ohio and it was soooo over priced it was ridiculous!

  4. Love the vintage pins. Looks like she had quite a collection!

  5. Love the winter antique shows in Florida.

  6. Like you I wonder if anyone os making any $$$at these shows, it's too rich for my blood!

  7. I love the vintage pins for mixed media art. Have you seen the Sketchbook Challenge? I am doing it for learning too. Check on my sidebar to read about it. I just love your red blog layout. I find most of my jewelry at consignment shops. It is not valuable but the prices are so much better. Pop over for a visit.

  8. Oh, I agree with you, the denim jackets really make a wonderful display for all of those wonderful pins. Happy VTT!