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WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL : TEMP 78 We woke up to to rain this AM but by 10 it was hot and sunny.

Today I found some red kitchen thingies pic's on my puter from last summer. So I thought I would join in on VTT today. I am running out of vintage things.

First is a square Pyrex bowl sitting on a red checked table runner from the 40-50's. I love that red checked stuff, and I did find some napkins a few weeks ago at a yard sale down here in FL.

Next is a really great book with vintage kitchen ware in it, I love it. If you ever see one get it you will not be sorry. You will love just looking at it just for the pleasure, let alone looking up your vintage kitchen items. Eye candy for sure.

Then there is 1/2 of a cookie jar made by Hall China Co. expressly for Kraft Food Made in the USA that's what is on the bottom. When I looked this up it was listed for 350.00 with the lid. As you can see I don't have the lid. I hung on to it for years hoping I would run across one, but never did and finally sold it at a flea market. Made some $$ on it but nothing near 350.

And then there is my sweetie 50's hand crochet dress pot holder. Love these little things.

Then there is a vintage valance that I still have and going to hang in the kitchen here. There is a vintage food grinder on the left side of pic.
I am going to a antique show on Friday maybe I can get some cool pic's of vintage there. To keep me in the VTT.
Today I started two altered art journals, the blue one I got at yard sale for a buck! It is a great journal, worth way more that a $1. So I started gluing page together today, there are a lot of them and I need to condense them to make it manageable when its full. The other one is a mini craft paper book. I got a bunch of these when I worked at a craft store in PA. Did not know what I was going to do with them but they were so cheap like 10 cents, I could not pass them up. This is the first time I have tried anything with them. This one is going to be a mini travel journal, since the piece of old atlas paper is the first thing I picked up in one of my paper piles.I am learning to be more spontaneous in my art instead of trying to thinking it to death.
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Well thats it for now, thanks for stopping bye and come back soon.
Blessings to all.
Donna & maggie too


  1. I have your potholder's twin. I just showed it today on my blog in a shadowbox for Valentine's Day. Loving all your reds.

  2. Great vintage reds. I especially love the valance.

  3. I like red kitchen things, and also vintage green. I have quite a few of those crocheted dress potholders in various colors.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your vintage things today. Keeping a journal is great. Wish I had done that when younger.

  5. love the dress have one like it but my neighbor has so many she has a border in her kitchen of them! Just love the red kitchen stuff!

  6. Oooh, I love that pyrex dish. This is a lovely collection.

  7. Such fun reds! I adore your kitchen valance. Have fun with your journals!

    Happy VTT,

  8. I love vintage reds and greens, but am more partial to reds. Love all your goodies. Happy VTT!

  9. I love kitchen wares of this era, they are so jolly. Guess times were hard, might as well have something pretty and cheerful in the kitchen. Sweet little valance!

  10. i have the EXACT same red half of a cookie jar!! do you suppose i could get anything for it w/o the lid? i know i really don't have any use for it myself. at this time i use it to hold a spider plant! don't worry though,..the plant is in a glass and then the glass placed INSIDE the cookie jar!