Sunday, July 24, 2011


A couple ATC cards I did in the last few days. Too hot to move about so I sat and did this. I call her Mz. Scarlett. Made using a shipping tag, stamped with my fav, crackle stamp, and inked edges. Then on one half I added part of a vintage post card that had a flower/forrest motif. I cut Mz. Scarlett from an add in a mag, then glued her down. Added mini rhinestone hearts, some fashion yarn. Down the right side a strip of paper with some twisty braid. A little detail and she was finished. I was going to use her in the lady/hat swap but then read it again and it said, lady in a hat so...that's out for this one, she is holding her hat. But I will keep her for another trade, swap or giveaway. So I moved on to this one, didn't think her hat was outstanding enough, she will save her also. Used the shipping tag again. Crackle stamped and inked. Used a pic out of an old book, she is one of our presidents wives but forget which one. Was a black and white pic so I put some color to her, using chalk pencils. With a little mini rhinestone heart necklace. A strip of paper down the left side, open lace with a string of blue and an old key. A piece of corrugated card board, with mesh ribbon on top. Then a blue button with a large rhinestone heart. Some detail and she is also done.Got this in the mail yesterday, from Tee at . I traded her some ephemera for some hand made soap . Coffee flavor. Mmmm good , have not used it yet, to pretty! Thanks Tee I love it!She also sent me a hand made Marie post card. This is the front, way to pretty to use, so I will hang it up when I get back to FL and admire it!This is what's on the back of post card. Just beautiful! Thanks again Tee!!!!Woke up to clouds and scattered thunder storms, so that left out setting up at the flea market. Going to be high 80's again so not sure what I will do today. Maybe a short road trip with Maggie and find some geocache's. So all for now, thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. Donna, So glad your soap arrived ok! I was kinda worried that this heat we are experiencing would effect it!
    I am in love with your atc's! They both are gorgeous! The layers and different elements you used are fantastic!
    And I wanted to let you know that Wendy @ Bissfull Atc Swap is hosting a food atc swap for Aug. if you wanted to get in that one! Happy Creating! Hugs,Tee

  2. Love your ATC's. please tell me more about "chalk pencils"

    Let me know when you get your package!
    Have fun Geocaching!

  3. I've heard someone else mention a crackle stamp recently, they sound like a great thing to have!

    Your atcs turned out lovely.

  4. love your ATC's Donna
    and your mail from Tee ~ oolala!!!
    stay cool girlfriend :D

  5. Hi Donna I posted on my blog what I made from your awesome goodies you sent me! Check it out!! Like I said I love it!! Thanks again so much! Your Scarlett O'hara ATC is so pretty and you got the pic from a magazine. Pretty awesome!! I think I've seen that pic of her for a plate or something. Scarlett alwyas reminds me of my Mom. Take care, XO Fran.

  6. PS Donna I should check my spelling before I send my comments!! LOL I did it again!! Spelled something wrong!! Ewww!! I get to typing to fast. LOL XO