Friday, May 22, 2009


Well I seem to be having problems logging on to coloradolady blogger site to sign up for VTT I can log on to all other blogspot sites could someone please let her know I have a problem and see if she can fix it? can't even email her. I have done verything I can thing of.
Here is my VTT anyway 3 crochet vintage pot holders, a couple graters, enamal dipper and egg beater the apple apron in not vintage, my dd bought it for me at a craft show. I sure hope I can get back on to coloradolady's site soon. I am haveing a yard sale at my brothers house this weekend starting my down sizing. Got to go now busy busy busy!
blessings to all


  1. What sweet potholder dresses!
    I don't know why you can't get to her site but I just went to check and Mr. Linky died, it seems.
    Maybe he just fainted and will be back up and running.
    I got an email this AM from Mr Linky himself saying that indeed, Mr Linky is suffering from html distress on everyones blogs.

    Hope to see you next week at VTT:)

  2. Well, I know this has been an issue. First blogger then Mr. Linky. I hope that blogger gets the kinks worked out with whatever is wrong soon. I do know from what I have read, I am not the only one with these troubles. I thought it was my computer, I could not even see my OWN blog....spent $100.00 at the place that works on computers for them to tell me they could not find a thing....go figure...then I learn from Blogger, they are having an issue....wanted to scream!! Have a great weekend.

  3. I missed this post last week. I have a bunch of those potholder dresses too.