Thursday, May 28, 2009





Hello everyone! Well I got two pic's of peaches, and can't figure out how to get rid of one>
Glad they got the Mr. linky fixed and we have VTT up and running again. Here are three pieces of vintage fruit chalkware in near perfect condition. I have had these a long long time and never get tired of looking at them. Maybe these will be one of a few things I will keep in my down sizing.
Had my first down sizing yrd sale over the weekend and it was great. Can't wait to have the next one. Was planning on doing the fleamarket today but got rained out. But I will have something to put on for tomorrow for my Fleamarke Friday. I can't wait to get rid of all this stuff. That will mark of the first of my goals to my life change. I have been looking at used class B motor homes just looking I can't do a thing till I sell my house. Well have to run now. See ya later
Don't for get to check out our host great site.
blessings to all


  1. It's a lot easier to delete pictures than to get one back that is deleted accidentally.

  2. It is hard to downsize - with all the things collected over the years! When an anticipated lifestyle change is headed in your direction, it can be exciting to think of all the possibilities! Good luck to you in the sale of your house, and your up and coming new life!

  3. You've just made the post extra peachy keen with two peach pictures!

  4. lovely chalkware, it makes the wall look interesting.
    Have a great day Donna.

  5. Hey!! That's what my post is about too! This is my first time joining in on Vintage Thingies. You've got some great ones. I'm always looking for more!

  6. Someone in my family had fruit like these on their kitchen walls. I like them!
    To answer you about what I do when I come to PA, drive around and sight-see or spend time (and money) at Monroeville Mall. I love to eat lunch at the diner on the same road.

  7. I agree these chalk ware pieces are in great
    condition! Occasionally I see them at house
    sales but rarely fruit. Yours are nice, I would
    not find it easy to part with them either!

  8. These are so cute and look to be in MINT condition. I like the fact that they are cute.

    I am going to do a garage sale soon too, I HAVE to get rid of some stuff around here so I have room for new stuff!! Happy VTT.

  9. I love chalkware but have none. Yours are great.

  10. Oh, I wish I lived near you for that garage sale! Isn't it difficult to give up the things though? It is exciting that you're about to make such a change in your life :)

  11. I love the metal bread box. You could use it for anything. Bread.., yes, but sewing stuff, photos, etc. It's just beautiful!

  12. Look at your fun and funky kitchen items. Happy vintage thingies Thursday. Great Photos. I am also participating. xo Joan