Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Son painting trim
Windows primed with white.9 AM: Well still can't figure out if I should use this blog for everything...like my getting ready to RV on down the road or start a new one. So I think I will just ramble on this one till I figure it out. Was a great day in NW PA after 3 weeks of cold and rain so son and I were able to get back working on the outside of the house. We hope to get all the windows done to day green trim. I will post later on today let you know how much we actually got done. Maggie and I usually go for a long walk first thing in the moring well since it has turn chilly we wait till later on in the day. I really need to do more excersing, when we get to FL in Jan. hope to do a lot more walking. Oh yeah ..ask #1 son if he wanted a piece of homemade apple pie...and let it me know that he declined!

Second post 6PM Well we didn't get the windows done today. Hope tomorrow. I did not do much after paintin, fixed dinner grilled burger, vegies' and ice cream sandwhich, wall mart has the best peanut butter ice cream sandwhches. I find I can't do as much hard work like painting the house as I use to , must be the retirment age thing. lol
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blessings to all

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  1. Hello! surfed on in from google! Seen you're painting your house! id recommend taping/masking your windows off and spraying everything with airless or one of those $100 black and decker sprayers! id gestimate 2 days to repaint your entire house! good luck! Ola from winnipeg canada!