Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I went to some yard sales on Sat. then looking for some geocaches, and ran into this show in Cocoa Beach. Put Maggie in her new buggy and away we went.

Seen these great fish and turtles and other sea life made from drift wood.
This lady was into some altered art and painted these girls on just about anything. These girls are all over the Internet, everyone paints them. Not sure who the artist was that started them. She told me she does very well at shows with then and was able to do this full time and quit her real job.
The shows in Florida are different than the ones I am use to in the north. They have of course the many jewelry booths, but most of the booths have alot to do with the sea and Florida. I think I only saw one floral booth and a couple country type booths. I think my daughter would do very well here with her shells painted with old time santa face. And the drift wood painted as well.
The weather in Florida is starting to get hot. I am ready to head north. But trip is being delayed a few days because of life happenings. You know the drill. Have to take care of things going on in life.
We were gone all day on Sat. If you want to see what else we did check out my other blog http://grammyandthepapillonprinces.blogspot.com/ we had alot of fun go check it out. Well that's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

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