Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here is my June tag of the month over at Tee's.I chose the summer theme for my tag. Crackled the back ground blue for the ocean, fancy cut a palm tree from scrapbook paper, along with a sea turtle found in a magazine advertisement. The added some shells from Melbourne Beach. Sent to Tina.

This is a tag received from Fran at very nice tag for the May tag swap at Tee's Right now I am using it as a book mark one of my daily devotionals because I like looking at it. :) Thanks Fran.

This is a ATC swap from Tina at beautiful ATC Tina thanks.
And a close up of my June tag again. I uploaded them together but this is how they turn up on the blog page. It's blogger what else can I say! I will not be posting much for a few weeks on this blog. Because I won't be making much do to to traveling. I will be posting on my other blog so go check that out. It will tell you all about our travel.

Yesterday I went in and to my blog settings and change the word verifying thingy. I hope it is shut off now. Could someone leave me a message and tell me if it is shut off? Thanks. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. OH Donna you are so welcome and I am so glad you like it!!! I love mine too!!! Have a great weekend!!! XOXO Fran.