Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is the bottle I altered for Jen at she got it the other day so now I can post it. I like altering these vintage bottles. If you look at my header, you can see a couple on there. Sorry Jen I think I got the color wrong, I thought I checked your blog for color but I look at so many, think I got it mixed up with someone else. I will pay better attention.I have been surfing YouTube watching videos on my Droid, and found a few on how to make paper flowers. This is one I tried last night. They are made with cupcake papers! These are made with the small cupcake papers not the mini's but small. I had a great time making them, and plan on making more to use in my altered are and swaps. Just Google paper flowers and see what comes up. Another thing I was looking at was matchbook swaps. Man do I need to make a lot better boxes. They have some beautiful boxes out there. I really like the double decker boxes . Would like to do one of those swaps! They are having a challenge at our (go join up will be having some fun time there) but I will not be able to do this one. I am moving and don't have the time right now. I do have a few Mystery envelopes made up so will continue to do those. And have a few Halloween tags and ATC's made up. If any of those swaps pop up. I am doing another matchbox swap. This one is over at The Speckled Egg.The Petite Inspiration box swap - Curiosities Edition. Check it out I have it done and waiting on my swap partners. This also will be send to Fl. So wont see them until end of Sept. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna


  1. you've been a busy girl Donna!!!
    love the paper flowers :D

  2. Love the work you have done on the bottle! I'm still working on mine! Oh And The Cupcake Flowers Are Gorgeous! This I will Try!
    I Love all Handmade Paper Flowers! Hugs,Tee

  3. Simply beautiful and inspiring!
    You are very creative.
    Thank you for sharing your swaps, always a pleasure :]

  4. Donna, your bottle was fine. Though I am not the pink girly girl your bottle was very pretty and I love it.