Sunday, August 28, 2011


YOU GOT MAIL! Was the call on Friday. This is what I got from Jen over at my swap partner. I was able to cut out a few of the stamped bird nest and feathers on the envelope to use. Love the face stamLove these butterfly's and the letter. They are embossed with sparkly. I used most of what is in this pic. Here is a pile of embellishments. Had a hard time using some of this color, like the blue tickets.Here is what I made. Using one of the sheets of paper she sent, I used it for the back ground and made a butterfly page.
Had a hard time using the orange, brown, etc color on the butterfly page so I made a tag using the brown one she sent. Used the fashion yarn and fall leaf and orange hand made paper. Stamped with my crow stamp and added my rhinestones. Used the wood chip R putting some lavender water color pencil, then glue and dipped in my new found mica flakes. Thanks Jen, this was a challenge for me!
This was a fun challenge for me, took me a couple days. But that's what the Mystery is all about.
Thanks Tee for doing these swaps, you got me addicted!
I have signed up for another match box swap i will tell you about next post. The swaps from now on will be send to my Fl address and i wont be able to see then till around maybe the 28th of Sept. My ATC swap with Tee is in the envelope and ready to send soon as I get my partner. I will be sending my swaps ok from here but will be cutting of my mail soon, and don't want to take the chance not getting mine! I am ready to get back to Fl This has not been a great summer for me, and last weekend found out I need a new furnace. Not going to happen this year. So this means the gas will be turned off and I will have to winterize the house. Not happy camper here.
Talked to dad and his friend put my a/c in the Florida room for that makes me happy camper! I will be making my art room in there and cant wait to get started. There will be obstacles to over come, like that's where dad stores the hurricane shutters and a few other things. i would like to get another storage building or clean out the one we have. But not sure that either will happen. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings Donna


  1. Glad your stuffed arrived.I certainly understand the challenge you had in using items out of your comfort zone. But you did a wonderful job. I have to get my butt in gear and get to work on my stuff, being sick has put me way behind.

  2. Great Work Donna on The Mystery Swap Challenge! And Your Lady in a Hat ATc is Gorgeous Too! I'll have the Halloween ATC Swap Partners Posted Early Tomorrow. Hugs,Tee

  3. Be safe Donna!! Doesn't it seem like it's always something going wrong when you are a homeowner!! I can almost hear the excitement in your voice thaat you heading to Florida!! And i know you will have so much fun fixing up that room!! You are very talented and I feel blessed I got to trade with you early on!! I love that orange tag you made!! It Looks so much like Fall. Which I love!! Take care and keep on creating!! XO Love, Fran.