Saturday, August 13, 2011


ATC food swap pear. This is what I made for Amy at for my ATC card swap and the tag I sent with it. I made the ATC using a shipping tag. Stamped it with the crackle stamp , used a advertising pear graphic, some vintage lace, P scrabble tile, and bling. Wrapped string around it. The tag is from a tag booklet that my DIl got me for my BD at Jo-Ann's. I added a few things to it. With a note to her. I will find the pic I took of the one she sent me and post it next.
Well I am back on line. My new G-Bites start to day. I have been trying to figure out what has caused me to use up my 5,000 before my time is up. I think it is because I have been uploading so many more pic's than I use to. That was before my swapping days lol. Maybe I will try sending some with my Droid phone and see if that helps. I have unlimited on my phone. What do you all do? I had a yard sale today along with the rest of the peeps on the east side of town. Did pretty good. Now I have to get caught up and show what I have been working on and what I have received in the mail.
All for now Blessings Donna


  1. Oh Donna I love your Pear ATC & Tag! You are So Good @ All You do! Very Creative! Thanks for Sharing your art pieces! Hugs,Tee
    PS I use a camera to upload my pics with! (Plug it in the computer.)

  2. These are fantastic!
    Such talent... thank you for sharing.
    Always, a pleasure to visit for blog and see your delightful creations :]

  3. Great tag, really like the pear AtC.