Friday, March 13, 2009

Tomatoes (someday)

Planted seeds 10 days ago now I got stems lol. They don't look like much now but just wait a few

months. My brother and I have been planting a garden the last few yrs. So this yr I wanted to

start a few heirloom plants. Brandywine is one and the other Shriver is a local heirloom. I paid

$5 for one Shriver plant and got 2 tomatoes but it was a little plant and it got planted late.

Sunshine all day but still cold. Can't wait to get out and start digging around. Need to prune my

roses also.

Went to a moving sale this am.....found out it is tomorrow...but wasn't total loss as went by my

handy dandy car guy and he fixed noise coming from under my truck. A heat sheild bolt came

off...(what ever that is) $9.00 to fix. NICE!

So off to the moving sale in the moring. It's been a long winter! with no sales to go to.

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