Saturday, June 6, 2009


Trash to Treasure. Old tool tote.

Old gas cans.

Here are few t2t things I did this week. I forgot to take before pic's sorry! I will sell these at the store where I rent space. I usually sell a lot of Americana stuff there. Right now I am working on a small step ladder painting it RW&B also...and of course I forgot to take before pic! The cans were without gas for yrs but I always clean them out with alcohol anyway. I am still working on getting rid of my stuff and still thinking about starting an other blog on RV'ing from start to getting on the road. Its a hard job doing it all by yourself. Some days I think about just chucking it all out for the garbage man to haul away. Well that's all for today
blessings to all


  1. Hi, Donna...these look great. I can imagine about what they looked like did a nice job.
    Happy weekend...
    xo bj

  2. Awesome, I would love to have that tote for our 4th of July picnic. It would be so beautiful with plates, napkins, flatwear and white daisies in it. Great job and thanks for showing

  3. Donna,
    Thanks for coming by place to visit.
    Love you red, white, and blue 'decor'.
    Great ideas for re purposing!!

    Barbara Jean