Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sorry so far behind...getting to feel better so hope to post more often. Some crafting finally getting done...this is the inside page of a Christmas mini paper bag album. All full of sweet things, like the pic's that will go in it. :)

This is the front of another one. I like doing thses once I get started...its the starting that is the problem. I can't seem to get going on anything these days.

And this is the extent of my decorating in side the rig. Cute isn't he? I use to find these at yard sales in the early 2000's and sell them on eBay. I made some big buck with them, I think they are from the 40-50's. I very seldom see them these days.

LOL...and this is what I see on the other side of the table while I am crafting away. I have bee doing it in the the dinette table...Maggie sits on the other seat and watches. I think she gets bored waiting around ...even tho she does play with a few toys. Speaking of bored, I have not been able to get into anything this year. It's not been a very good year and I have been in a funky down mood. I had the flu and that put me out for 3 weeks, just not getting over that. I sure hope this mood changes soon...will be better, dd and sil are coming to FL for a few days over that will be good...and at the end of Jan, I am going to a GTG with some other RV women. Really looking forward to that. I have 2 more swaps to send stick with me girls, I will get them out by Monday or earlier. Very sorry for being late. And I will take pic's of what I have received so far and post about them. Going to make some mac and cheese for dinner, so better get on that. Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings Donna

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